Our School & Training Facility

As mentioned in our mission, we place a priority on the total personal development of our students – both mentally and physically. However, in order to do this we must have the proper space to facilitate this end, which is why we are very proud of our dojang or “House of the Way,” and all of its features which makes it one of the best martial art training facilities in not only the Twin Cities area, but even the country!

As of New Years 2011 our school went through a major expansion! We have been teaching in the area for 12 years, and have grown to one of the most vibrant martial art programs in the area, and with that success and vision, we have finally been able to obtain the dream martial art facility that can truly offer the most complete martial art experience possible for both children and adults.

We have almost tripled the size of our school to a whopping 8,000 sq/ft. Our school now has 3 incredible training areas 1) primary matted floor, 2) a second floor with nice hardwood flooring, and 3) an additional Yoga studio or open gym space. We have also added a TON of new programming that this space allows us to do including a “Health & Wellness Program” which features Yoga, Kettlebells, & Fighting Fit (Kickboxing) on a daily basis, Weapon Fighting available all week long, and finally a full feature afterschool and summer camp leadership program for kids everyday.

Along with the comfy lounges, computer labs, decorations, and weapon racks, there are multiple targets for training practice, heavy bags for punching and kicking workouts, grappling dummies, plus additional mats for gymnastic or throwing practice. The training areas are also equipped with a sound system to boost energy during workouts, and there is free WiFi internet access throughout for everyone to check email, do research, surf the web, do homework, and access for everyone with their own laptops/mobiles. Along with locker rooms and office space, there is also a full kitchen that helps during all of our special events and birthday parties.

All in all this is truly a wonderful facility, which provides a great space for all the needs of your workouts during class, during open training time, and for community events. Again, anyone interested in training is more than welcome to come in for a tour, try a class for free. Just schedule an appointment with our staff and come on in to learn something valuable!