Fun During Science Week

We’ve had lots of fun in this last week of February up in our after School space. We have focused on science for the week and have done lots of science experiments to entertain ourselves. Monday we made crystals, learned about magnets and then used microscopes. Tuesday the kids built structures to see if they could make an egg from not breaking (see photo attached). Wednesday the students created their own volcanoes with clay and were given baking soda and vinegar and watched it explode (see photos attached). Thursday was all about Physics — we did some aerobics and then focused on the physics of our bodies and how to keep them active and fit. Today, Friday, our final day of the week we will be exploring what happens with you mix milk, dish soap and food coloring and also what happens when you microwave a soap bar. Pictures to come on the experiment from today. Make sure you following us on Facebook to see our weekly posts!!

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Valentine’s Day Fundraising Lock-in! Help Us Get A Bus!

Do you want a date night with your loved one? A Date night that lasts until the next morning? We have the event for you!!

We are having an overnight Lock-in Fundraiser on February 14th. All Donations will be tax deductible and will go to TLK to help make our fundraising goal for 2014 – and proceeds for this event will be specifically dedicated to our new

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Round 4 – Release Day Monday Jan 27th

Just roll with it everyone, nothin’ else to do.  Schools are canceled on Monday, but the Dojang is open!

Again, TLK, regular kids, and the public are welcome.  Dress warm on the way here, and we will stay warm with inside action!

Cost: $43 per child ($10 off)
Lunch: Hot Dogs
Time: 8:30am drop off, pick up by 6pm

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Hwa Rang Do Mom – Cho Dan Dissertation by Instructor Alina Cole

Instructor Alina Cole

The hwarang traditions stem from an ancient culture, very different from the modern world.  It is our challenge as the new hwarang to find ways to bring the spirit of the hwarang into our modern age.  In some ways this challenge seems very difficult, but I have found so many of my attempts at the application to be surprisingly simple.  One of the problems of the modern world is our tendency to complicate life – externally with material things (TVs, computers, “smart” phones, etc) and with interpersonal relationships (1,125 friends on Facebook but not a one ever met in person), and internally by ignoring ourselves and filling our lives with noise and distraction.  So, yes, there is much to do, and therefore the task of bringing the hwarang way into our lives seems difficult – but in reality, the answer is so simple.

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2014 Event Calendar Online: Testings, Events, Camps, Etc! PLUS – New Website Design!

Hello everyone – we have pretty much most of the dates and events online now for 2014, so please check out our newly enhanced Dojang website!  The calendar feature is through Google Calendar too, so feel free to subscribe over there with your accounts and everything will connect up just fine and you can stay on top of all the happenings here! 

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2014 New Year Message

As we finish a large chunk of family time and moments of rest amongst the holidays, the new year of 2014 looms ahead and I am reflecting on a thoughtful phrase passed on to me by one of our dojang parents.  more or less…. “The moments of rest are the draw of the bow, and our action will follow with the arrow once released.”

There definitely is a strong and creative force that drives the human experience.  Day-in and day-out many of us dream for possibilities and then are putting in time and effort for various fulfillment.  The energy expounded in our actions

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