Bully Prevention

No More Bullying!

As the excitement and anticipation of a new school year, new semester, or new summer activities and camps overwhelm families, there are also some dangers which must be addressed with your children.

The dangers we are concerned with most at the onset of these “first day of” school/activities are bullies, who use the new school year or semester as their opportunity to establish their “dominance” over their schoolmates and set the tone of fear and intimidation for the rest of the year or session.

In particular, they tend to pick out certain kids to set that tone with and torment them throughout the year, as the example to keep the other kids in check and draw attention/control their way.

The best time to deal with these problems is at the beginning of the year or session to prevent your children and other children from becoming victims to start with. The fact of the matter is that ‘bullies’ are actually very weak (not strong) and there are ways to deal with them from the get go, to stop them in their tracks.

That’s why the World Hwa Rang Do Association has decided to be pro-active and offer FREE Children’s Self-Defense and Bully Prevention Classes, here in the Twin Cities.

Our Bully Prevention Workshop Was Featured on WCCO News!

Our Bully Prevention Workshops

This is a community service for all families in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding area and has already generated quite a bit of interest from kids and parents since we had our debut class last February in 2011. In fact we had roughly 100 participants and will be moving our program to local schools as well as staying active in our dojang.

We highly encourage you to RSVP for these special and free classes. Chief Instructor Dylan Sirny will be leading every class, addressing the 3 areas of Self-Defense Against Bullies: Prevention, Verbal, and Action

Things we will address include the following:

  • What your child should do to avoid becoming a bully target
  • Learn the non-violent approach to making your child’s first bully encounter, their last.
  • The simple and effective self-defense techniques your child should know, in case they encounter ANY aggressors
  • How to use what you learn about bully prevention and self-defense to practice with your child and enjoy quality time with them
  • Bonus: See how parents can use the simple techniques your kids will learn as self defense for adults!

These classes are for both parents and children to participate in. The maximum benefit for your child will be achieved with parental participation, although it is not required.

Events Returning 2014

Arrive at least 15 minutes early to register & warm-up

The classes will be held at
Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy
5417 Nicollet Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55419

As far as attire, a plain t-shirt and sweat pants (or other workout pants) are fine (no shorts). Please, try not to wear shorts if you can help it.

Please RSVP and confirm your attendance and lock in your spot by going to our Facebook page or just give us a call 612-824-KICK (5425).

Dealing With On-Going Issues?

Sometimes answers to Bullies are not simple, and along with isolated incidents there are other times where kids have been a victim for a long time.

In these situations counseling with our instructors about the specifics of the situation can be extremely important. We have helped numerous kids gain confidence and end the Bullying Cycle, however, we must remember that we have limited control of the actions of the Bully, yet we do have control of ourselves.

While no child should ever be Bullied, when a significant lack of confidence arises against an apparently more powerful adversary….. most peopled (children & adults) succumb to that violence whether it be physical or verbal.

Confronting strength and malice is hard. However, when one has confidence that is based upon proven and genuine successes in life, there will also be the needed strength and fortitude to face this kind of negativity as well.

We must also consider that Bullies have significant weaknesses in their own lives which causes urges of aggression and misplaced feelings of reward for such actions. Bullies, whether child or adult, will only attack and threaten others that they are confident they can beat or win against in a particular area (physical or verbal).

They will target those who appear weak and lack the confidence to confront them, and in turn feeding their agenda. So, we must ask:

  1. Does the victimized child lack confidence in him/herself?
  2. Is the child easily manipulated by peer pressure?
  3. Is the child a “follower” not a “leader”?
  4. Is the child coordinated physically and is “active” in some capacity?
  5. What kind of venues does the child have to experience personal success?
  6. What kind of accomplishments and achievements does the child have?
  7. Is the child connected to environments that reinforce positive values & experience?

Changing one’s character and gaining confidence is not a flip of the light switch kind of change for anyone. Consistent efforts are needed, however, there are many ways to gain significant results!

As mentioned throughout this website, our program is focused on these kinds of results and vision, and not just on the kicking/punching/grappling/weaponry. For us that martial art curriculum and the tasks of facing challenges along with matching with other peers become the vehicle of opportunities to gain those experiences in order to become empowered.

Then over time, the individual who was often bullied in the past is no longer “targeted” because he or she naturally expresses confidence. This prevents almost all such encounters before they could ever develop into a serious issue. And even more significantly, often times because of the leadership qualities that develop through training, these children become those stronger voices of good and reason to confront the Bullies and the culture that develops because of them.

However, this kind of physical, mental, emotional, and character development is something all of us must work toward – again both children and adults.

Stand Up To Bullies