Facility Rental

Are you looking for an awesome space to rent?

Our school has a wonderful facility with many amenities. We rent out our space during non-class times, so depending on what kind of space you are looking for, we are sure that there is something that can fit your needs.

We have 3 large rooms that are used for our training areas. Our first floor has a 2,000 sq/ft matted area that is great for training exercises. There is also a 750 sq/ft wood floor room that we use for our Yoga classes. Our second floor area is a 1,500 sq/ft wood floor that also has a stage.

All areas have high ceilings, nice decor, and are kept clean! Even most of our spaces have mirror walls that are great for training use.

Our school also has a kitchen, bathrooms and shower, along with other lounge & sofa areas for hanging out. We do have sound systems, microphones, tables & chairs, computer stations, along with video projector plus screen and depending on your needs you are welcome to use our amenities without charge.

So, whether you are looking for a space that can be used for exercising, theatrical practice, or business/community meetings – we have a great facility that is super convenient for everyone.


1st Floor Mat Area – $35 per hour

2nd Floor with Stage – $30 per hour

1st Floor Yoga Space – $25 per hour

*If you wish to rent space on a regular basis we are happy to discuss a discounted rate based upon your frequency of use.

For further information just drop us a line or give us a ring (612) 824-KICK (5425)