Korean Language Studies

Korean Language Studies

  • Do you want to learn Korean?
  • Do you have business relationships overseas?
  • Are you going to travel?
  • Do you have family with a Korean background?
  • Are you interested in getting closer to Korean culture?


There are many reasons to want to learn the Korean language. Be it culture, business, or simply for fun, Korean is a very interesting, expressive, and unique language. However, even though Korea is one of the top 20 economies in the world, and the Korean people live all over the world, it is a language harder to find quality teachers in.

While Spanish, French, Chinese, and others have risen in popularity and opportunities to learn are widespread, Korean becomes mostly available at University level education, or in corporate business circles which have a much higher cost to learning.

We want to make the beautiful language of Korean more accessible, and not only that, help our students learn to actually speak it effectively!

Grammar books, studying vocab cards, yeah, yeah, yeah. While this is the common approach to learning a language on your own, it is very tedious and the comfort level of actual speaking with others people isn’t natural and filled with hesitation. Results? Lack of motivation, lack of real progress, and sooner or later the fire you had for learning another language disappears, and you aren’t able to connect with the people and culture as you dreamed.

Korean Language InstructorFortunately, here at our school we have a wonderful native Korean instructor who has experience in immersion style learning. Whether you are a complete beginner with zero experience, or you have dabbled a little, or you are looking to refine your fluency, Mrs. Heeyeon Sirny is your source for exciting and quality instruction.

Before becoming a full time mother, she was the lead online Korean instructor for Berlitz International one of the world’s largest and most respected language instructional programs, and as of Fall 2012 she is the Korean Instructor for St. Olaf University. She has helped people just curious, those with real business needs, and others looking to connect with Korean culture.

The style of instruction she uses will get you comfortable learning and actually speaking from day 1. Over time, as you build vocabulary and language structures, you will feel naturally at ease with using Korean because with the immersion methods (along with supplemental materials), you will have tons of real experience to draw from, breaking away from the book learning freeze when it comes to your real interactions with Korean speakers.

Lessons Available:

Individual Private Lessons or Small Group Lessons

Zero Experience, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Levels

All Levels Welcome!

Depending on your desire, different scenarios are available. If you have a small group of people that are interested, it can be fun to learn together through small group classes. Then along with lessons and study, you have a crew to practice and actually use the language with in “outside” real world use as well. The more you use it, the more you will get it!

On the other hand, if you are looking for your own study and help, private lessons are a great way to move forward as you will progress very quickly with that kind if individual attention.

Consistency is important when it comes to learning languages, and lessons can be arranged according to a schedule that is convenient for you. As for pricing, we want to really help people learn and progress so there is a discount benefit for purchasing a block of sessions as you can see below:

Lesson (1 Hour) Options:
Option A: 8 Pack $320 (Must Use within 40 days of 1st lesson date)
Option B: 4 Pack $180 (No expiration date)
Option C: 1 Lesson $50

 *If you have a group of people that wish to learn, each Additional Person pays $15 more for the total amount due per hourly rate – feel free to divide that amongst yourselves. Totals would be:
Option A, 2 people = $440, 3 people = $560, etc.
Option B, 2 people = $240, 3 people = $300, etc.
Option C, 2 people = $65, 3 people = $80, etc.

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