Fun During Science Week

We’ve had lots of fun in this last week of February up in our after School space. We have focused on science for the week and have done lots of science experiments to entertain ourselves. Monday we made crystals, learned about magnets and then used microscopes. Tuesday the kids built structures to see if they could make an egg from not breaking (see photo attached). Wednesday the students created their own volcanoes with clay and were given baking soda and vinegar and watched it explode (see photos attached). Thursday was all about Physics — we did some aerobics and then focused on the physics of our bodies and how to keep them active and fit. Today, Friday, our final day of the week we will be exploring what happens with you mix milk, dish soap and food coloring and also what happens when you microwave a soap bar. Pictures to come on the experiment from today. Make sure you following us on Facebook to see our weekly posts!!

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