Testing, Classes, Tournament & Seminars!
Hello Dojang!
Summer is certainly in full swing these days! Been having fun with camps, and of course classes moving right along. I did want to drop in some reminders about July events – there is actually quite a bit of stuff upcoming.
1) This weekend is actually our last weekend regular classes! Friday Junior TGT, Acrobop, and Open Gym Fight Night Practice. Saturday Kid’s Sword Fighting, Teen/Adult Weaponry, Adults Sparring & Grappling. Hope you can make it in for some good weekend workouts!
2) The next test is coming up, next week! We would do tip tests during class on Wednesday and Thursday, and then full belt level tests on Friday and Saturday. Make sure to get your paperwork in if you are doing a full belt test.
3) The Hwa Rang Do World Championships are now ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY!!! This is definitely the biggest event in the Midwest regional history for our martial art, and we are looking for a great turnout from the entire region. I know the Madison, WI folks are extremely fired up, as I have been getting some friendly trash talk from some of the instructors. All in good nature for sure – but they are looking to bring a nice challenge to the Minneapolis contingency. I know some people still need to get registered for this incredible event – so please make sure to go online and take care of that as soon as you can. The tournament is on July 26th and 27th – and then there are seminars with our head Grandmasters during the following week. This is a super important event, that will be sure to educate and inspire everyone who participates. And at minimum, it would be great to at least make it for the tournament. Again, the tournament has events for ALL ages, ALL levels, and will be a huge highlight! (it is run similar to how we run our event each fall – just will include more people from around the region, and world!)
If you haven’t registered already just go here online to take care of it all:
4) The Minneapolis Dojang WILL BE CLOSED during the tournament and seminar events since the majority people will be there – especially all instructors. There will be summer camp on July 25th, however NO OTHER CLASSES Friday the 25th through Saturday August 2nd. Everything will be back to normal Monday August 3rd.
5) There are also some spaces left in the summer camps that were running here locally. It would be fun to see some more people join the crew, and especially if you’re heading the Madison for tournament the kids can get in a good amount of extra practice to prepare for the events. August camps have some space too, so just connect up if you want to get registered! All the info on each week session is online right:
6) We are also accepting enrollments for our Afterschool Programming too these days – and after crunching some numbers in terms of facility/staffing/kids, we are going to be putting on a cap in terms of space on the program this year. Everyone who has been enrolled in the past definitely has a space secured if you want it. Also, new siblings will get preferential treatment – however it looks like we will be able fill the place up this fall! Thanks again for your support & involvement – it is so exciting to work with a great group of kids and build strength, confidence, and health every day!
OK, that’s all for now – so best wishes in your training before an awesome championship in a couple weeks!
Instructor Dylan Sirny
& The Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Academy

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