Acrobop & Gymnastics

Want and/or need to learn how to fall properly? What about learning advanced acrobatics? Well, this class is geared for you! Learn how to effectively land and bounce along the ground through various rolls, handsprings, flips, combinations, etc. This class will help complete your sense of physical awareness as you flip around the mats. Beginners are just as welcome as advanced practitioners. If you have never done gymnastics before – no problem, as now you can learn the step by step approach to this realm of movement. This is an important part of one’s sense of physical development so don’t miss out.

Techniques & Drills Covered in Class:
martial art cartwheel·  Body Positioning
·  Rolling, Dive Rolls
·  2 Hand, 1 Hand, No Hand Cartwheels
·  Front & Back Handsprings
·  Front & Back Flips
·  Advanced Gymnastics
·  Tumbling Combinations

·  No Prerequisite required
·  Open to the general public
·  Open to All Adult & Junior Students
·  No uniform required (comfortable clothing, no shorts, no shoes)

Other Information
martial art dive rollThe class time is 5:15pm to 6:00pm every Friday night. This class is open to adults and children. Just show up and learn how to bounce and flip around a room. Again if you have never done any gymnastics before – THAT’S OK! Here is your chance to learn! Just tuck-in your HRD T-shirt and let the acrobop begin!

*Kids who are NOT current students can participate in this class with a drop-in or punch card or monthly option.