Health & Wellness Options

A healthy state of being and the experience of fulfillment, meaning, and wellness is not a mystical or mythical idea. Many people dream, wonder, and wish that these could be obtained, however action is not taken and the wandering continues.

Kickboxing Upper CutActually, a positive state of being is not hard to achieve once one commits to a healthy lifestyle that is based upon proven methods. The overall class options at the Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Academy is designed for everyone to experience the benefits of strength and flexibility as well as balance of both mind and body.

An individual must take time for themselves to work on themselves. However, in our fast paced society with all of the distractions of life, the majority of people neglect themselves. While yes it takes time and effort for personal development and balance, there are situations and settings that can help develop and nurture the benefits.

It is our goal to be such a program, and help our students take the important time to make their state of being a priority.  The balance between all of these different types of classes offered, will help all participants develop according to their desire – along with positive, technical, & enthusiastic encouragement from instructors ^^

Along with all of our Martial Art Classes, we also have….

Fighting Fit: Kickboxing

Now-a-days there are many different kinds of kickboxing classes available for people to participate in. However, these are usually divided into two different types of classes. One, you have the Muay-Thai kind of kickboxing which is based on effective striking and kicking combat with practitioners practicing for actual full contact fighting against other opponents. Or, two, you have the purely aerobic kickboxing like Taebo and Cardio kickboxing type that is often found in health clubs or on exercise DVDs. While each of these have benefits, they also have limitations depending on who you are and your fitness goals.

Fighting FitFirst, let’s start with the realistic Muay-Thai like variety. This kind of kickboxing is great for real life applications and realistic fighting scenarios. Practitioners of this style practice grueling workouts to prepare for the next fight with kick/punch only rules for the ring or street. This kind of training is very technical, accurate, and based on effective martial art techniques, but the training can also be quite severe, as you as a student are preparing for actual fighting combat. Part of your and other students’ training regime includes regular engagement in actual full force striking against one another often resulting in not only bruises, but often injuries that aren’t often simply walk-off variety. While yes, even in training, students wear some protective equipment, you still are engaged in very strong striking against one another as the goal of those kinds of program and training is knocking out your partner or causing significant damage to win rounds.

Secondly, there are “run-of-the-mill” fitness kickboxing programs like Taebo and other cardio/aerobic workouts. These programs have become famous for getting people to sweat. While yes, there are MANY kinds of these programs available and students usually get a great cardio workout, the actual technical side of proper striking movements is neglected considerably, and quite a bit of the training is done hitting the air and not on heavy bags or training mitts. Because the focus of these programs is reps and sweat, the quality of realistic movements usually gets lost somewhere in-between, and if you ever had to use the moves you learned in a real self-defense situation… well the effectiveness would be questionable.

While our school doesn’t wish to put down these other styles and programs, we do wish to point out that for you as a prospect looking into different workout and training experiences, you are very likely to find this “either-or” approach to kickboxing. You will find programs of people gearing up to actually fight each other, or you will find simple aerobic workouts. And for us, those options are narrowly focused.

Fighting FitWe feel you should have your cake and eat it too. This is why our “FIGHTING FIT” program, combines the good principles of both of these two kickboxing methods so that you will get incredible and effective training. If you want to engage in Full Contact training – no problem – our classes include all the technical material you need to be a strong fighter for the ring or for self-defense. (We just do our full contact sparring practice at special times and not a part of our main classes.) If you want to get in the best shape of your life, you have nothing to worry about as our training is rigorous but also well paced to fit our students’ abilities. In fact, if you are a complete beginner and even out of shape, or if you are already fit and looking to push yourself to the next level – either way, our classes are structured to accommodate everyone, and you can take it as far as you want!

We are always working with each individual through the training drills and exercises to make everyone as strong as a full contact fighter without ever having to spar/match/fight with others… unless you want too at the alternative times. In this class, we also don’t have belts or uniforms, as the focus is simply on getting good, strong, and fit. Our program is based thoroughly on effective and realistic techniques & drills, but we want our students to be able to progress continually and not have to worry about fighting each other or about getting injured in this training program.

Whether you are looking for a great workout or real striking combat, you can rest assure that you will find the perfect balance here in our Fighting Fit Program.

Get the conditioning and training of
Full Contact Fighters without the Fight!

Benefits of Kickboxing

The benefits of regular kickboxing training are many. Especially as one engages in consistent training, one’s total sense of fitness and movement increases rapidly. We also can’t forget all the areas beyond the basic physical levels, so check through the list below too see how this class can fit into your overall goals.

Physical: Get in the Best Shape of Your Life!

  • Kickboxing PunchStrength
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Cardio
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Weight Loss
  • Greater Energy
  • Yes, all of the above and more are ready and waiting for you!

Mental: Clear the Mind – Get Rid of Stress!

  • Stress Relief 
    Everyone needs an outlet, instead of letting stress build up and linger around. The physical act of striking the bags and mitts is extremely powerful. Work hard and leave it on the bag! Then after class and once you leave the school, YOU WILL be renewed and feel it!
  • Greater Focus and Concentration 
    Ever get bored going to the gym or going for runs? This happens to pretty much everyone because you have a mind that needs active engagement in activities in order for the body reap the benefits and stay enthusiastic. Through our Fighting Fit classes your mind is constantly learning and responding to the drills, situations, and practice. Especially as you have an exciting curriculum that builds on effective martial arts, you ARE NOT just getting through reps and your mind finds great focus instead of drifting away.
  • Confidence
    Getting strong and fit as you learn the kickboxing moves is a huge confidence boost for everyone. You get great training, plus you are learning many new kinds of real life skills – and through the total program of benefits gained, all aspects of one’s life are brightened as you find more and more success.

Intangible Others!

  • Self-Defense: Our training could save your life someday
    Yes, most people are looking for an exercise program to have a fit body, however, other than gaining muscles and fitness, lifting weights only helps you on moving days. Kickboxing on the other hand will help you any time you need to be more agile in life, but also in case you are ever confronted by an attacker you will be well armed in being able to handle the situation physically and psychological
  • Camaraderie with a positive community
    The energy of a good group of people resonating on a similar message can not only help you through the various ups & downs of training and give you those extra pushes of encouragement to reach the next level, but you are sure to make some nice new friends. We pride ourselves in the fact that our school is one of the most welcoming places to train at period. Yes, egos checked at the door please – as we all just want to get better! From instructors to students – kids to adults – there are much more important things to do than worry about one’s pride or getting in the way of another’s progress. Let’s climb the mountains together with pulls and pushes up, without walking over anyone else along the way.

What is our Fighting Fit class like?

Besides being fun and dynamic every time around, we also want our students to be effective in their kickboxing skills so each class includes drills and scenarios to develop proper kicking and striking techniques. While the specific drills we practice vary each day as we expand on our curriculum, there are a number of themes and topics you can expect to cover.


  • Some basic drills and exercises to get the blood flowing and body warmed up.
  • Stretching activities to make sure the muscles are loose and to prevent injury.

Heavy Bag Training:

  • We use hand-wraps & gloves so you can really “throw” your techniques without injury.
  • Hand striking: punches, hooks, upper-cuts, & elbows.
  • Leg striking: front & round kicks, knees primary, as students abilities progress, back & spin kicks added.
  • Proper footwork & stance on how to deliver effective strikes.
  • The development of fast jabs and speedy techniques.
  • The development of real “knockout” power.
  • How to build combinations between both hands and feet.

Partner Drills with Mitts:

  • Instead of sparring against one another to test out and develop your skills, we utilize mitts for partner training.
  • Practice drills to understand proper distance to opponent.
  • Learn how to respond to open target areas and execute quality strikes.
  • Use set patterns of combinations to build confidence and flow to your movements.
  • Develop agility to your movement, stance, and footwork.
  • Learn how to improvise your strikes based upon partner’s openings in freestyle settings.


  • Mixed in-between & throughout the class are a variety of calisthenics, plyometrics, agility, and conditioning exercises.
  • Kettlebells are one of the best ways to add strength and improve one’s sense of movement and explosive power.
  • Energetic class support helps everyone get through the needed fitness reps.
  • Different circuit and station training, aids in adding variety to your total fitness goals.
  • Sweat = Results ^^
  • All while recognizing everyone’s current fitness levels, along with fitness potentials!


The kettlebell is a simple and effective means of developing functional strength, all day stamina, speed and power all with one tool.


The AK-47 of physical training hardware. A hunk of iron on a handle, deceptive in its function and utility, it has proven itself to be a lasting force. A look through history will find the kettlebell at the feet of and in the hands of some of the most renowned and accomplished athletes. Simple, sinister, brutal—and ferociously effective for developing explosive strength, dramatic power and never-say-die conditioning. But beware, kettlebell instruction requires an extensive background and training to be truly safe and effective. We follow hardstyle methodology, the safest and most effective kettlebell training available.

Tae Geuk (Tai Chi)

Tae Geuk or commonly known as Tai Chi (in Chinese language) is a great activity focused on the study of movement and internal energy Ki (“Chi”). Through flowing patterns of movement and footwork one strives at developing greater sensitivity to one’s total self. While using the breath to connect to one’s movement, tension is released and movement becomes much more effective without unnecessary hesitation and unnecessary force.

The in and out of the breath, the ebb and flow of movement, all together help one find balance and harmony. The training is slow and fluid, so it is a great exercise for people as they get older as you worry more about stress on joints or getting injured in high impact activities. As most folks have seen, large and small groups of people practice in the parks all across Asia, as the benefits of training are well known.

Younger people can also benefit from practice in tremendous ways as well. Proper breathing and effective movement help on so many levels, and getting more “in tune” with yourself and body is something that will help all other activities that you pursue.

We currently teach this topic during segments of our Hwa Rang Do classes, along with special seminars that are open to all. Stay tuned for details on those events, as once you learn the patterns and techniques, it is a great practice to add to your individual training routines.


There are many different types of meditation and depending on your desire, structured & guided meditation can be of tremendous benefit for you. In our Yoga classes as well as in our traditional martial art system there are a number of exercises and techniques that one can practice to increase awareness and focus as well as help relieve stress and simply relax.

Group Meditation in Korea 2004

As you begin your practice, the fundamentals of proper and engaged breathing exercises lead to less mental distractions. Combine that with greater body awareness you will gain more mental clarity as your thoughts become more controlled and clear. Reflection is also an important process along the way, in order to better understand yourself, your actions, your responses, and your goals for life.

Meditation is definitely one of those practices where consistent efforts yield tremendous results. Even taking the time for 10 minutes a day, one can become a much more mentally balanced individual. However, if you are interested in more intensive methods, guidance from a teacher is invaluable, whether it be in classes or through One-on-One lessons.

Also, just like our Tae Geuk / Tai Chi workshops and seminars, we also hold meditation workshops as well.


The old saying, “You are what you eat,” has a lot of truth in it! The physical body is our only body, and what we put into it for fuel has tremendous effects on our total health. When we think about training regiments for fitness, mental clarity, and total well-being, we CANNOT forget to add healthy and balanced food intake into this mix.

The Chief Instructor of our school, Dylan Sirny, has spent many years training and working with others on complete training routines for martial art practitioners. Throughout this time, striving for overall sense of balance in effective training and overall health has been a priority, and naturally learning more about the role proper nutrition plays in this process jumped right out.

Eating right is more and more difficult these days with higher food prices, lack of good options at “convenient” stores & fast-food, and considering the power that the major players in the food industry have in dictating availability & the quality of products. However, even with these obstacles we must make our nutrition a priority!

Understanding that fads and “diets” aren’t the answer when it comes to long lasting results, but rather the commitment to a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and exercise is what is really important – we are happy to help our students find the right balance. While that best balance always varies from person to person, as one progresses in training and eating habits progress the benefits are ready and waiting.

For further discussions on nutrition issues, just setup a session with Instructor Sirny and we can work together on finding a good plan!

Otherwise, if you are looking for some general guidelines regarding better health, check out these 10 Hwa Rang Do Tips:

Less Meat – More Vegetables

Less Salt – More Vinegar

Less Sugar – More Fruit

Less Food At One Time – More Chewing

Less Worry – More Sleep

Less Anger – More Happiness

Less Clothing – More Hot Baths

Less Speaking – More Action

Less Greed – More Charity

Less Driving – More Walking