Community Partners

The community of our school members and that of our surrounding neighborhood comprise a unique and positive niche.

Our school is filled with all ages of families and backgrounds that all share a common resonance of positive values, hard work, responsibility, and respect. This culture is great for not only our sense of personal development, but helps all appreciate the old proverb; “It takes a community to raise a child.”

However, not only do children benefit – but adults as well. A place with great energy and vibe helps motivate and inspire, so that strength and support cuts through the stress and distraction that is abound in the world today.

Our goal is to also partner with others that share connections with our school to network and support one another in various enterprises and ventures. Especially since our school has gone through such a major expansion, and reflecting on the progress and development that has occurred in our community over time – we are well aware that nobody can stand alone, and through embracing our interdependence all of our worlds can be brightened.

Moving Forward

Organizing the networks of our connections is something that will take a little time, so please check back as we begin the process of reaching out. The other businesses of our building and intersection are also working to establish a community corner where all of our clients can share some benefits and discounts.

Simply Jane Artist Studio

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