Tournament Postponed to April 28th

The weather forecast is just looking too nasty to continue with our event on Saturday the 14th.  With so many people excited to participate, plus our fellow brothers and sisters in WI eager to join in, not only would it be unsafe for everyone, but also put a big damper on the biggest event of the year for us if we tried to plow through.

We were very happy to hear and appreciate all of your understanding in dealing with the situation as we discussed things yesterday with many of you.  It’s great to know that us Midwesterners can deal with our environment in a positive way, and roll with the punches!

In terms of logistics, we obviously want to hold the event as soon as possible since everyone is all geared up and ready for action.  We have a green light in 2 weeks – Saturday April 28th at the school and with the instructors.  So, please plan on same event, same times, same details, just on another day!

I hope everyone can use the extra 2 weeks to practice more, and we will still be holding our April belt test next week 20th/21st .

Also, while it sounded like almost everyone we spoke with was ok with the schedule change, if there were any of you out there with major conflicts we can chat directly about how to work that out.  Furthermore, if anyone who had a conflict with tomorrow and wants to now join in, you can obviously do that too.  Lastly, there were some kids asking instructors about adding additional events to their registrations, and that is welcome too.  Please just followup with Kristina about any registration needs.

Thanks for your understanding everyone!  And I guess, if we can’t compete in the rings, go have some fun and play in the snow tomorrow! Stay safe and warm everyone!

Master Sirny

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