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New Customer Service Coordinator Position

Connect with the people of our well-established martial art community, and help share the experience of strength and positive well-being through processing the logistics of client support interactions. This position’s responsibilities revolve around typical “front desk” tasks related to Communications, Student Support, Recruitment, and Equipment/Sales.


  • Communications
    • Correspond with current members and families via phone/email/in-person regarding program, event questions, or other logistical concerns
    • Send email blast announcements
    • Communicate reminders and announcements with the other staff members
    • Communicate with the Billing/Membership Manager regarding any new students or changes to current student tuition enrollment programs
    • Create simple signs and flyers for upcoming events, reminders, closures, etc. (Powerpoint optional as well)
  • Student Support
    • New TLK Afterschool Students: Give proper sized uniform, hanger, and drawstring bag (label everything) and welcome materials
    • New Traditional Class Students: Give uniform and weapons, and welcome materials
    • Maintain student attendance and class lists
    • Help students with online registration and help with various basic support questions
    • Give students “star rewards” for attendance, behavior, and testing
    • Prepare student belts and certificates for each month’s test
    • Hand out t-shirts and public student uniforms for summer camps
    • Assist in the gameroom activities, daily tasks, and end-of-day clean-up
    • Have fun and play with the kids!
  • Recruitment
    • Set up and give tours to prospective students and families
    • Answer phone calls, voicemail, and reply to prospect emails
    • Explain the difference between programs and their tuition options
    • Communicate the values and philosophy of Hwa Rang Do to prospective students and families
  • Equipment & Supplies
    • Oversee the equipment inventory and sales; create order lists as needed
    • Shopping or online orders for snacks and activity or building supplies
    • Keep the star shop and birthday box stocked and oversee sales

The hours for this position have some flexibility. Throughout the school year, the main hours will be 1pm-6:30pm. In the summer camp weeks and during school release days, programming hours are generally 8:30am-5:30pm so daily schedule is coordinated with all staff members. Off-weeks in the summer can be flexible, but the main class times hours are 4:30-6:30pm.  While the position is currently configured to be part-time overall, there is the potential for additional hours for additional projects for the right person or other schedule configurations depending on needs and other circumstances.  Compensation $18-22 per hour based on experience. 

Happy to discuss schedule and other options for a win-win for everyone!  IMMEDIATE OPENING!!!

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