Fall Afterschool Registration is Flying!

We are now half-way through August and here is a quick update on our upcoming registrations & openings.  Once again, please make sure to take care of signing up now to secure your spaces! There is limited availability in ALL of our programs!

Just wrapping up a fully packed and awesome Ninja Warrior week here, and there is only 1 more Camp Session coming up Aug 23rd through 27th which only has a few spots left.  This will be a fun week of Production, Stunts, & Choreography!

Camp Info = http://tlksummercamp.com/summer-camp-sessions/camp-session-6/
Sign-up = https://hwarangdo.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=161

Please remember that for this semester there are 2 options.  EARLY & LATE option depending on if your child’s educational school dismisses before or after 3:30. Full list of schools is here: http://tlkafterschool.com/tlk/educational-schools-and-transportation/

At this time we still have room for enrollment for all EARLY schools each day of the week. 12 Tiger slots & 10 Junior slots available.

For LATE schools Tigers (K & 1st grade), there is also room each day of the week. 9 slots remain.
For LATE school Juniors (2nd – 8th Grades), there are only 2 spots left on Tue, Wed, & Thur, otherwise will need to do 4 or 5 day per week registration.

SIGN UP NOW @ https://hwarangdo.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=168

We know many of you are still working on the specifics of your school needs with the districts and locations, and we have been hearing that more people are able to get bussed to our location for afterschool programming than initially thought.  However, bus transportation still must be done via the MPLS district and not through us.  On the upper right section of the following page there is a link to complete transportation requests:  https://transportation.mpls.k12.mn.us/   The dispatch phone # is also 612-668-2300 for you to speak with someone directly.

For Annunciation/Hale/Field schools we will be picking up kids.  All other MPLS schools should try the request above first, as it depends on your home address and unfortunately things are more complex than in the past…
Armatage and Burroughs are confirmed for pickup if MPLS will not drop off.

We are also now trying to add the Richfield Dual Language and Richfield STEM school, but need some more kids to schedule a pickup.  If you can please share that possibility with any families you know that attend those locations, we would greatly appreciate it as there are a couple eager kids that want to come!

For everyone else, please email with Kristina to help figure out your needs.  We know many are waiting to hear back from MPLS about what transportation they will provide or not.  Once they tell you, then let us know the results so we can determine the possibilities on our end. 

Since many local educational schools are now ending later, we have seen an increase interest in our regular martial art classes.  The size of these openings is also limited, and while we may try and add some additional training slots in the future, those will likely end up later in the evening if and when that occurs.  We always try and keep things consistent over here as we know the kiddos are involved in many other activities.  However, we may need to adjust based things based on supply & demand.  Just contact Kristina about signing up for these classes.

Yes, we will be doing Fall release day camps!  Stay tuned for details on specific themes & training topics, and the general info about the days can be found here = http://tlkafterschool.com/tlk/highlights/school-release-days/

Otherwise, any questions just drop us a line!  We look forward to getting everyone lined-up for the next season of Hwa Rang Do!

SIGN UP NOW @ https://hwarangdo.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=168

Best Always!
Master Sirny