Hwa Rang Do SUMMER CAMPS 2021!

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Forget about the Polar Vortex everyone, it is time to plan your summer schedule and all the cool things the kids can do!  We look forward to putting all the screens away and get back into the real world this year. We have once again organized some amazing camp sessions that will be filled with fun, insight, and quality martial art training too.  Also, because of all the dedicated & specialized training time, the kids are sure to improve in their martial art skills considerably as they get in-depth details on the focus topic of each session.

All kids K-6 grade are welcome, and don’t forget the camps aren’t just for our active students but are also open to friends, family, and the public.  NO PREVIOUS MARTIAL ART EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!!


Session 1:  June 14-18

Theme:  Robotic Week

Is your child inquisitive about the technology around us? Do they love learning about building complex electrical models? Do they love going to interactive museums? Then this camp is perfect for them! During robotics week, we will be powering up their minds with hands on robot building. With a planned trip to a local museum, there is plenty to discover in the world of science and robotic engineering! Sign up for this camp if you want to strengthen your body and mind!

Training:  Let’s Get Technical!

Are you ready to get technical? Have you ever wondered what makes some performances look spectacular and others well…lack-luster? In this camp we will be focused on the technical proficiencies of long form and self-defense techniques as a foundation to sharpen our martial skill to the fine, razor’s edge of a sword.

Session 2: June 21-25

Theme:  Around The World In 5 Days

Come along for a journey like no other, travel the world without even leaving the Dojang! At this camp, we’ll be exploring different cultures through activities and games each day. Experience what kids around the world do for fun and what exotic far off places are like. With each stop we’ll learn about the rich history of new places with plenty of fun activities to go along with it!

Training:  Hwa Rang Do vs. the World

Hwa Rang Do is the most complete martial art system in our world today, but how many techniques are there to learn?  In this camp we will take an in-depth look at the Hwa Rang Do and the limitless options it provides for training. We will cover everything from sport to self-defense, grappling, and weapons, how to use our hands, feet, elbows, and knees in this comprehensive overview. We will also take some time to explore the ancient history and spirit of this fiercest of arts!

Session 3: July 12-16

Theme:  Pharaohs of the Dojang

Pharaohs were great leaders thousands of years ago in Egypt. In this leadership-based camp, we’ll be focused on exploring the ancient mysteries of Egypt. Come experience this wonder of the world through grand sculpture building, learning hieroglyphs, and how to be a leader in your own way! In this one part mystical and one-part educational camp, there won’t be a shortage of fun and adventure!

Training:  Team Sword Challenge

Brave warriors are you ready to lead your team to victory? This action-packed camp will feature the Hwa Rang Do Team Sword challenge! And what is that you may ask?…  The Team Sword Challenge is a series of competitive events that help build weapon fighting skills and show case them in events such as speed cutting, one on one matching, team matching and much more. This camp is guaranteed to bring your swordsmanship to the next level!

Session 4: July 26-30

Theme:  Sustainability Camp

The world is ever changing and as humans, we need to be able to work with and adapt to the ever-changing environment. In this camp, we’ll be focusing on how we can interact with the world around us to make it a more sustainable and future oriented place. We will be learning about soil and what makes plants grow first-hand by visiting an actual farm! During this week, we’ll explore how the land impacts our well-being and how farmers work hard to help fuel our food economy. This will be an exciting Hwa Rang Do farming first!

Training:  Economy of Movement, Motion and Power

Sometimes moving seems like an up-hill battle, we tire out, loose our momentum, and eventually stop. Is there a way we can sustain our physical actions to make them more efficient? Welcome to the art and science of: Economy of Motion, Movement, Momentum, and Power! Did you know there are subtle changes we can make in the way we move that totally transform our athletic output? This momentous camp will focus on making our actions and physical systems work more powerfully with less effort through a variety of drills, exercises, and martial techniques. Perfect for athletes of all levels, see you there!

Session 5: August 9-13

Theme:  Ninja Warrior

The mysterious ways of the ninja will be unraveled in this fun and challenging summer camp. After learning skills in parkour and acrobop, we’re going to go out and challenge ourselves in the way of the ninja at local ninja warrior courses. Jungle gyms to mat jumps, if you like soaring through the air and the challenge of landing on your feet, then this action-packed camp is for you. Become the ultimate ninja warrior when you sign up for this camp!

Training:  Ninja (Sulsa) Training

What would a ninja warrior camp be without Actual ninja training??? But let’s clear something up first…the Korean term for ninja is Sulsa! This camp will focus on training many of the forgotten arts of the Sulsa warriors in a way that is fun and accessible for kids of all ages. From stealth to throwing stars, tumbling and more, after this camp your parents will be wondering where you are and why all your chores were done without them noticing…Don’t miss it!

Session 6: August 23-27

Theme: Production Camp

Lights! Camera! Action! In this camp we’re going to make a full-on production of your very own movie! At the beginning of camp, we’ll learn the basics of story telling and create our very own tale. As the week goes on, we’ll learn about film production basics including acting, lighting, costume design, and filming. Last, but not least, we’ll get to act out our entire story for our very own production! We hope to see you at this highly creative camp!!

Training: Fight Choreography and Stunts!

Keeping with the theme of film production, this camp’s training focus will be on stunts and fight-scene choreography. We’ll be learning techniques for both armed and unarmed action, studying some of the best fight scenes of all-time and crafting our very own choreography that will be featured in the TLK movie. This is sure to be one of our most engaging camps to date, so reserve your space today!

Registration is Open Now, and Don’t Forget About Our Awesome Discounts!

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We are super excited about all of the summer camp sessions this year as the topics and lesson plans are really designed to help the kids boost their skills and have an awesome time!  If you have any questions just drop us a line, otherwise forward march & keep training hard everyone!


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