Special Classes Monday January 6th


Special TLK Release Day This Monday!
Bootcamps Monday Night!

Hello Dojang Crew, despite the fact that some SERIOUS cold is coming down the pipe, we have had enough vacation over here! While we will understand if you just want to bundle up and don’t make it in, the other solution is some extreme training!


Especially since school is canceled and many of you need a good place for the kids to stay productive while a lot of parents are working – the dojang will be offering an impromptu Release Day Camp. All kids are welcome – TLK, Regular Classes, and Friends. So for this coming Monday January 6th:

Cost: $43 per child ($10 off)
Lunch: We will be having Pizza!!
Time: 8:30am drop off, pick up by 6pm
Plan: The staff will have some fun games and activities planned for the day. Lunch and afternoon snack will be provided. There will be an AM Martial arts class and an Afternoon class too!
To register: Please e-mail Stephanie at Alexander@hwarangdomn.com or call the TLK cell phone at 612-222-8578 – Please Do Not reply directly to this email as Stephanie does not directly get it. Please Contact Stephanie as soon as you can so we can confirm numbers and plan for food and activities – Final registration deadline is 5pm Sunday the 5th!

FACEBOOK EVENT LINK = https://www.facebook.com/events/613953271975531/


For the regular crazy people looking for more action, we will NOT be holding regular classes – but instead some New Year Bootcamps!
Kids Session 6-7pm
Adult Session 7-8pm
All belt ranks are welcome, just be prepared for anything! (that is, everything except for sparring & weapons – no armor necessary)
*No 5:10pm class!!!

2 weeks is enough vacation – time to get back to training!!!

FACEBOOK EVENT LINK = https://www.facebook.com/events/794494177233141/

Instructor Sirny
& The Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Academy

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