Spring Break 2021 Day Camp Options

Get ready for some awesome School Release Day Camps at the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy this coming Spring Break!

Can sign up for individual or multiple days, but make sure to be ready for some great training and fun activities!


Friday April 2

THEME: Egg Science Round 2!

Are your engineering skills in need of a challenge? We’ve done egg drops, but can you accomplish an egg catch? Come join us for our second day of egg science this year and learn how to make an ultimate egg catching device! We’ll supply the materials and eggs, you show up for the fun, competition and hope that your egg-catch-challenge isn’t… “over easy” … see you there!

TRAINING: Kicking, Punching and Bag work
Are you ready to take your hands and feet to the next level? Then Blast off with our dynamic Kick-Punch training session! We will cover everything from beginner to advanced kicking and hand techniques, footwork, timing, and accuracy. Be prepared to sweat and we’ll see you there!

Monday & Tuesday April 5 & 6

THEME: Secret agent Maze runners (2 days)

Attention all Secret Agents, Adventures and Spy-Kids! At this fun filled 2-day event, we’ll be creating an ah-mazing puzzle maze that will be challenging for all levels! If you liked our Halloween maze, then you’ll love this mind bending, spring version! This isn’t just a run through maze, but an escape room with three different levels filled with puzzles, physical challenges, and of course FUN! We’ll be doing two days of maze missions with a different mission each day. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

TRAINING: Push-Up, Pull-Up, Body-weight Mania

To complete your mission, you’re going to have to become stronger, faster and smarter… but how??? With the one tool we all have at our disposal…our bodies! That’s right, this camp will focus on bodyweight training, get ready to rise to the challenge using calisthenics, isometrics and more!

Wednesday April 7

THEME: Electrical engineering

Ever wonder how flicking a light switch turns on the lights? Or how a battery can power a phone, toy, or car? For the first time ever at TLK, we’ll be exploring electricity and how it works! Join us to understand currents and how we can harness electricity to power our very own creations. We’ll use circuitry, LED lights, batteries and switches to create our own power board. Power up and join us for this ELECTRIFYING experience!

TRAINING: Tumble-Time!

Kart-wheels, somersaults, shoulder rolls and more! Learning how to tumble is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of training in the martial arts, but it can be kind of tricky… This camp will focus on proper techniques, bodily awareness and safety for gymnastics and tumbling progressions. Learn how to use your body in ways you never imagined!

Thursday April 8

THEME: Law & Order

In this camp we’ll explore the legal system in fun and exciting ways! First, we’ll examine what a courtroom looks like by creating a mock trial and find out what it’s like to go through our nations legal process! Secondly, we’ll explore different professions involved in our legal system with interactive games! See you there for this fun, engaging, and educational camp!

TRAINING: Long-Forms and More

Just like there are laws that govern our society, there are rules that govern movement. In this camp we will be exploring all of the basic elements that create powerful, dramatic motion and exciting performances through the art of long form. Not only will we be learning Tae Soo Do forms but we will also choregraph our very own and showcase it. Get ready!

Friday April 9

THEME: Game Day and Magic Tournament

For the last day of our spring break camp we’ll be having fun with a board game tournament! Choose between a wide variety of games available to play as a group and compete for prizes! We’ll have group board games, physical games, and of course a big magic tournament for prizes! For the Magic Tournament we’ll be doing a draft format, so no need for any of your own decks, build one as your play!

TRAINING: Wizards, Warriors, Clerics and Thieves

What would a day of Magic be without a tournament of Might! Welcome to the warrior Games, a tournament of martial Skill. The days events will include training in basic skills in preparation for each event, learning chivalrous conduct in victory or defeat, individual and team competitions, and more fun than you are supposed to have on Fridays!!! This one will be Epic, see you there!

All Full Day Sessions = Active Member $75 | Public $85

Other Details:

  • Release day programming runs from 9am – 5pm (drop off available at 8:30am late pickup available until 5:30pm)
  • Lunches are NOT provided – PLEASE PACK A LUNCH FOR YOUR CHILD
  • Snacks ARE provided
  • Supplies & Crafts ARE provided
  • Bring Your Uniform & Belt

If you have any questions just drop Kristina a line at office@hwarangodmn.com, otherwise we look forward to some more fun camp days!



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