Technique Motion Patterns

Understanding motion patterns from point A through point B to arrive at point C is a nice plan. Of course we must start somewhere, so understanding the “lines” of basic movement progressions is essential. However, once you add intelligent dynamic resistance into the equation, options of what the best line permutation toward positive outcome is often gets blurry. This is why practice so many types of techniques in Hwa Rang Do – we must first build a vocabulary of the essentials – and then we can apply the concepts to different environments. There is also a tricky balance for students though, as often times people focus on the specific points of the technique and get locked into patterns or simply rely on muscle to push through resistance. Either way this neglects the underlying principles of the situation causing ineptitude. This is where active drilling comes into play, as we must “feel” the lines of movement possibility develop and then act on those opportunities without hesitation. When you are relaxed and can feel the flow, the line of the technique will be clear and the results will fly!


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