2024 New Year Announcements

Hello all,

Happy New Year to you and your family! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to get back into the weekly routines. 

We have finalized our calendar for 2024 through the summer months and want to go over a few announcements regarding the upcoming dates and events. Please save this email and add the relevant dates to your calendars! Our full list of dates is included at the bottom of this email, but here are a few important notes:

  1. Our regular schedule of TLK Afterschool and Traditional Classes has resumed at their normal times, so students can once again attend classes on their scheduled days.  
  2. Our annual MUSA Challenge Interschool Tournament, which is required for all students, is set for Saturday, April 27th. Please mark your calendars for this day, it will start around 9am and go well into the late afternoon, so please be sure to block off that time in your schedule. This is the most important event of the year for our students to attend!  We will send other information and details later, but please make sure to save the date!
  3. Based on the results of our survey last fall, it seems like a lot of people will be doing other things over the school release days this semester, so we will not be offering Winter & Spring Break Release Day Camps this semester. For spring break, since we have multiple schools on different schedules, we have decided to continue the TLK Afterschool Program running throughout the weeks, so kids can get dropped off for their scheduled days of TLK whenever they are on break, and the schools in session will continue to be picked up. The only exception is Friday, March 29th as we will close for the day and there will be no classes or afterschool program.  We will run release days next fall since there is not as much travel going on, and if more interest for next year’s winter we can try again in ’25.
  4. Summer Camp sessions have been decided, and registration will be opening up in the coming days! Please see list below for the session dates. There are some great themes and training workshops with the summer camps, so get ready for a fun time for all!
  5. Lastly, from June 29-July 7, HRD students and instructors will gather for the annual World Championship Tournament and training seminars with our head grandmasters.  This year’s event will be in Italy! Students of all ages and ranks are welcome and encouraged to attend if they can. If you are able to go or have an interest in going, please mark your calendars and keep an eye out for registration announcements later this winter.

If you have any questions please let us know, otherwise we are excited to begin the new year with you all!

Kristina Sirny
Office Manager
@ The Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy

2024 HRD Minneapolis Dates:

Jan 2 – TLK and Classes Resume
Jan 15 – Closed MLK Day
Jan 19/20 – Monthly Test & BB Test 1
Jan 26 – Closed Teacher Day, No Classes No TGT
Feb 16/17 – Monthly Test & BB Test 2
Feb 19 – Closed, Presidents Day
Mar 15/16 – Monthly Test & BB Test 3
Mar 29 – Closed, No Classes No TGT
Apr 19/20 – Monthly Test & BB Graduation
May 17/18 – Monthly Test
May 27 – Closed Memorial Day
June 14 – Last Day of TLK
June 17 to 21 – Summer Camp 1
June 24 to 28 – Summer Camp 2
July 15 to July 19 – Summer Camp 3
July 29 to Aug 2 – Summer Camp 4
Aug 12 to 16 – Summer Camp 5
Sept 2 – Closed Labor Day
Sept 3 – Frist Day of TLK

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