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The Founder
Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee

Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee is the Chairman of the World Hwa Rang Do® Association (WHRDA, a Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization, which oversees all the Hwa Rang Do® / Tae Soo Do® students, instructors, and schools across the globe) and is the “Dojoo” (Owner of the Art). There is only one 10th Dan Black Sash in each generation who is given the title of “Dojoonim”. Dr. Lee is the 58th generation holder of the title as the keeper of the knowledge of the Ancient Hwarang Knights.

He is recognized as the Founder of Hwa Rang Do® as a modern martial art as he was the first to systemize the martial skills of the Ancient Hwarang Knights as a modern martial art system for the first time in Korean History, officially registering it in the Republic of Korea in 1960. He currently resides at the WHRDA World Headquarters in Tustin, California USA.

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Grandmaster Taejoon Lee

Grand Master Taejoon Lee is an 8th Dan Black Sash in Hwa Rang Do®, 59th heir of the Hwarang Knights as the eldest son of the Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee and the President of the World Hwa Rang Do Association.  With more than 40 years experience as a teacher, his ability and wisdom to cultivate and mentor true leaders is unparalleled.

He is currently in Luxembourg to develop, promote, and further strengthen Hwa Rang Do throughout the EU.

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