Our Instructors & Assistants

The Staff of the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy consists of a team of highly motivated and dedicated men and women who believe in the spirit of excellence which can be achieved through the practice of Hwa Rang Do & Tae Soo Do. Master Dylan Sirny teaches them regularly on improving their skills as a teacher, instructor, and councilor, and we are all always striving to continue our own education as well.

Team Kwan Chang

Team Kwan Chang is the group of staff members who oversee all of the dojang activities.

Master Dylan Sirny – began his Hwa Rang Do training when the UW – Eau Claire club was initially founded. Understanding some of the many benefits Hwa Rang Do has to offer, he transferred to the Midwest Headquarters in Madison to pursue his education further in this art. This is where he was trained by Master David Kijek and also began assisting and teaching classes. While assisting in the growth of the Madison schools, he continued his education at UW – Madison where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies.

Soon after, he was fortunate enough to receive a special apprenticeship program at the Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters, with the Founder of this art, Dr. Joo Bang Lee. This was a truly unique and awesome opportunity, in which he was groomed as the head instructor of the dojang and administrator for some of the activities of the WHRDA. While there, he was educated in the traditional Way of the martial arts as well as its physical techniques by this art’s founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee, and his eldest son Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.

While enjoying the many seasons of Minnesota (yes, including winter) and activities like music, camping, and windsurfing, his heart is connected and committed to instructing Hwa Rang Do. He has taught in summer school programs, with football teams, at local schools and churches, numerous corporations, and presented various demonstrations around the region. He is currently a 5th Degree Black Sash, Vice-President for the World Hwa Rang Do Association, and is the master instructor and owner of the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis, MN Academy where he continues to work on teaching the principles of this art to the next generation of practitioners.

Instructor Preston Packard – began learning Hwa Rang Do here in the Minneapolis area after Master Sirny first started teaching here in the Twin Cities area. From this time, he has trained on a very committed level working hard and sweating 6 days a week here at the dojang. Mr. Packard has become the bulldog of the school on and off the mat. From helping lead classes and teaching, to construction work on our facility, his contributions to our Minneapolis Academy have been tremendous, as he selflessly gives his support to the school and his leadership to the next generation of practitioners. For those of you who want a solid grappling or sparring match jump on in with Mr. Packard as you will be sure to learn something.  Mr. Packard is now working hard to open a dojang in Sydney, Australia.

Instructor Alyssa Jenkins – started her training when the U of MN Club was started at the Twin Cities Campus. She has taken a very serious approach to her training, understanding that the martial art pursuit is one of searching for perfection. This search takes place on many deep levels, and Mrs. Jenkins is committed to this quest of mental and physical harmony here at the Academy. Mrs. Jenkins has also won numerous recognitions through her performances at regional and international Hwa Rang Do competitions winning 1st place in almost every division she has competed in from forms, weapons, sparring, and grappling as a Hwa Rang Do practitioner, including the Black Sash Female Champion award at our world championships every year since she achieved that rank.

Instructor Alina Cole –  has been with the Minneapolis Academy almost since its inception, and became one of the first TGT members of the school.  Mrs.  Cole started assisting the junior classes as a TSD purple belt, and began teaching her own classes, both junior and adult, upon receiving her TSD black belt.  After taking some time off to start a family, Mrs.  Cole returned to training hard at the dojang and  achieved her 1st degree black sash in summer of 2013. She now continues teaching martial arts and weapons classes, as well as assisting with the TLK afterschool program and summer camps at the Minneapolis Academy.  Mrs. Cole strives to be a good role model to all students, but particularly the other women and girls at the dojang and works hard to help them realize their potential and build confidence in their abilities.

Instructor Heather Klug – started training in 2010 and has not stopped since she started. She is a constant presence here at the dojang and at other events in the U.S. and abroad. Her boisterous laugh and colorful hair make her easy to recognize and difficult to forget. Ms. Klug earned her 2nd degree black sash in 2019, making her journey from TSD white belt to HRD 2nd degree quicker than most. She also earned the Black Sash Female Champion award in 2018. Ms. Klug has been teaching classes here at the Minneapolis dojang since she was a brown sash. She has taught tigers, juniors, and adults, though she now only teaches the adult classes. Ms. Klug needed to close her dojang, Hwa Rang Do Maple Grove, when covid hit and we are hoping she can open that once again when things settle down.

Instructor Mangan Golden – began her training after moving to Minneapolis in 2007. She started assisting classes as TGT at green belt and later began teaching the tiger classes as she progressed in her training. After having twins in 2013, she took a break from teaching, but continued her training. Her dedication to her training was further demonstrated when she achieved her Black Sash in 2019 after moving to Duluth in 2018. While she is no longer at the Dojang weekly, she continues to contribute to the community by assisting Master Sirny with organizing historical content for students and promoting Hwa Rang Do’s mission of service to the community and bettering humanity.

Assistant Instructors – Teuk Gong Team

As individuals progress through training, our school offers leadership opportunities for those who excel in their martial art training and in their motivation. These individuals comprise the assistants of our program and can be found in both our adult and junior classes. The Teuk Gong Team (Special Forces Team) are personally invited by Master Sirny and must uphold and represent the highest ideals of our art. They are the role models of the Dojang and must adhere to a strict code of conduct, and the Junior TGT Members must maintain a minimum of a “B” average at school and follow our 8 home rules for children.