Birthday Parties

Your child’s birthday is coming up again, but what to do? So much planning, so many choices, so many kids to deal with all together! Yikes!

Well, just leave it to the professionals ^^

Our school is one of the premier martial art programs for all ages of kids. We work with the very young through teens and along with connecting and having a great rapport with kids and families – we can fire them up and have a blast together!

A Birthday Party is a very important time for each child. This is their turn to be recognized as a special and unique human being, and to be together with their friends while celebrating their BDAY through a fun activity is a very special experience that will be remembered throughout their years of growth.

Our parties are guaranteed to make that happen along with taking all of the hassle out of the event for you as parents.

Finding a space, food, games, activities, coordinating, and taking charge of the group – don’t worry about it! All you have to do is invite the kids to our parties and we will take care of the rest!

Highlights & Info

Our martial art Birthday Parties follow a certain format to bring the most out of the overall experience for everyone. While we tweak things and make it engaging for each different group, you can expect:

  • Kids arrive with a little play time
  • Warm-ups with talk about the importance/benefits of the martial arts (to become more healthy & stronger in order to make yourself and the world around you better – NOT to horse around and pick fights)
  • Some drills for learning a variety of techniques
  • Class activities that help kids practice a variety of moves (some of which are activities that one can expect in our regular classes)
  • Martial art games such as the Balloon Stomp (always a blast!)
  • Pizza & Drinks
  • Cake – with special feature of the Birthday Child getting to cut their cake with a sword!!! (with Instructor’s help of course)
  • Presents & Play to finish everything out

As we move through the activities our Instructors and Staff will run and supervise the entire event. Parents are welcome to take pictures, cheer, and fire up the crew (if you want to help and be more involved or just have some special request, just chat with us about the details and can make things happen).

And as mentioned above – all you have to do is invite and bring the kids – don’t worry about the rest! Our school will provide everything from:

  • Facility, Space, & Decorations
  • Instructors & Personnel
  • Pizza, Drinks, Utensils, and Cake
  • Even the Grab Bags!
  • And lastly, you don’t even have to worry about the clean-up ^^

We strive to make each of our birthday parties as much fun for the kids and hassle free for the parents and families as possible. That way everyone can focus on enjoying the experience and have a blast!

Other Details

Times: Because our regular training schedule is quite busy, we prefer to hold our martial art birthday parties on Saturdays from 3:30pm – 5:30pm. It is a time that most families have free and work well for getting together for a party. We can discuss alternative times, but those Saturday times tend to work best for most people and our school.

Reservations: Our schedule does tend to fill up fast with parties and our other training events, so we do recommend booking your party ahead of time as much as possible. Of course we like to hold the parties as close to each child’s actual birthday, and since these parties are quite popular, reserving your time a couple months out isn’t a bad a idea. First come, first serve when it comes to reservations.

Fees: Our fee for the birthday party is $329. Yes, that includes everything! All you have to do is bring the crew and we will take care of the rest. We do require a minimum $75 non-refundable deposit when you make your reservation to hold the date, and the remaining balance can be paid anytime between then and the actual party. If you do need to reschedule for any reason we will accommodate that request but we’ll just have to find a time and date that is open and works for all.

Others Things: You DO NOT have to be a member of our school to hold your party with us. While we obviously have a lot of our students doing these awesome parties, people from the outside public are more than welcome. Our kind of martial art training is dynamic and fun for all ages of kids, and NO experience is necessary for the Birthday child or his or her friends. We will help the entire group learn some moves and get into the swing of it.

Finally: If you need more information or just wish to chat more about the details,Drop us a line or give us a ring (612) 824-KICK (5425).

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