What is Hwa Rang Do?

Hwa Rang Do® is the most comprehensive system of self-defense and combative techniques in the world. This system has been developed in accordance to the ancient principles of Um-Yang, which emphasizes balance in life and harmony with others and nature. With this foundation, Hwa Rang Do includes both hard & soft styles, both linear & circular styles, and strives for mastery of all possible situations.

Hwa Rang Do also has a long history dating back to the Hwarang warriors of Korea some 1800 years ago. This tradition has been passed down through the generations in an unbroken lineage to us today. The schools and clubs of the present still abide by and resonate with our historical tradition, culture, and principles making for a unique and genuine martial art experience.

Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Wrist Lock
Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Kicking

Hwa Rang Do® is the mother art of Tae Soo Do®, the undergraduate program that prepares Martial Artists with the fundamentals, basic mechanics, and philosophies inherent in the practice of martial arts. Through this step-by-step structured program individuals progress through a very effective martial art education in order to become as complete a martial artist as possible.

To learn more about Hwa Rang Do and see some
rare footage of action from the 1960’s, check out this video: