Our Dojang’s Mission

Along with all of our martial art training options, the TLK branch of our Minneapolis dojang as well as the World Hwa Rang Do Association, have recently transitioned our tax status to a 501(c)3 Non-Profit so that we can be more dedicated to community out-reach and humanitarian development through the vehicle of our martial art training.

Overall School Mission:  To be a high quality, full feature Dojang – “House of the Way” – for both children and adults to pursue the Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Tradition to its fullest potential.


  • To be a center for the development of strength, health, leadership, character, responsibility, and honor.
  • To provide the most complete and dynamic martial art instruction available anywhere.
  • To provide an environment that embraces humility and compassion so that lasting change and transformation is possible within and without.
  • To build greater connections with our local community & family members on initiatives that help our local economy and health, both thrive and prosper.

The Divisions Of Programs
Found Here Within Our Dojang

Hwa Rang Do
“Way of the Flowering Knights”

Tae Soo Do
“Way of the Warrior Spirit”

Tomorrow’s Leading Knights:
The Hwa Rang Do Afterschool & Summer Camp Youth Corps

Taejunsa: Accelerated Instructor Training
Pathway To A Meaningful Vocation & Job Opportunities

Mugi Daeryun
Gumtoogi (Swords) & Bongtoogi (Sticks) Weapon Fighting

Teuk Gong Team – TGT
Instructor & Assistant Training Program

Dojang PTA
Parent Corps

Self-Defense & Bully Prevention

Local Economic & Business Network

Community Outreach

Additional Information:

As of 2011 our school has gone through a MAJOR expansion in terms of facility additions (now 8000 sq/ft with 3 training areas), programming & class availability, and organizational development. This growth has been a dream of our instructors ever since first teaching here in the Twin Cities area. There is so much within the vision of the Hwa Rang Do martial art, we will continue to build out these possibilities here at our school as best as possible.

Also, the World Hwa Rang Do Association has transitioned its tax status to a 501(c)3 Non-Profit so that we can be fully committed to serving our neighborhood and community in greater ways.  We are Not your common Karate School, we are Not just a sport activity – We Are serious about providing a quality space and programming that leads our members to greater health, strength, & confidence, and then reach out to the world around us.

We are working hard to make sure our actions meet our intentions, and hope that you will join us for the journey!

Best wishes in your training and pursuits!