Korean is not hard to learn, but you might face some difficulty in the initial stages of learning this terminology. Remember the Korean language has its own alphabet and what is shown here is just a phonetic spelling in English. Listen carefully to the pronounciations in class and you will catch everything in no time at all.

The Art
Hwa Rang Do – The Way of the Flowering Knights
Tae Soo Do – The Way of the Warrior Spirit
Hwa Rang – Flowering Knight
Rang Do – Man of the Way
Teuk Gong – Special Forces
Gumtoogi – Sword Fighting
Bongtoogi – Stick Fighting
Jung Do – The Way of Honor

Do Joo Nim – Owner of the Way (Supreme Grandmaster), HRD 10th Degree
Kuk Sa Nim – General (Grandmaster), HRD 8th Degree Black Sash and above
Susok Kwan Jang Nim – Chief Master, HRD 7th Degree
Do Sa Nim – Man of the Way, HRD 6th Degree Black Sash and above
Kwan Jang Nim – Leader of the House (Master), HRD 5th Degree and above
Susok Sa Bum Nim – Chief instructor, HRD 4th Degree
Sa Bum Nim – Instructor, HRD 3rd Degree
Kyo Sa Nim – Teacher, HRD 2nd Degree
Jo Kyo Nim – Assistant Instructor, TSD 1st Degree and HRD 1st Degree
Sun Bae – Older brother or sister
Who Bae – Younger brother or sister
Kwan Won – Student
Jae Ja – Disciple or Student

Dojang – House of the Way (Studio)
Dobok – Clothes of the Way (Uniform)
Hoguk – Chest Guard
Ssang Jyel Bong – Twin sticks with rope
Jang Bong – Long Staff
Dan Bong – Short Stick
Jang Kum – Long Sword
Juk Do – Bamboo Sword
Mok Kum – Wooden Sword
Dan Kum – Short Knife

Ba Kua – Switch
Cha Ryut – Attention
Kyung Nae – Bow
Baro – Come back
June Be – Ready
She Jak – Begin
Kae Sok – Continue
Pali – Hurry
Kiap – Yelling (With Ki Power)
Dora – Turn around

Hana – One
Dul – Two
Sett – Three
Nett – Four
Dasutt – Five
Yausutt – Six
Ilgop – Seven
Yaudul – Eight
Aop – Nine
Yul – Ten

Anyoung Haesaeyo – Hello or Are you peaceful?
Anyounhee Gaeshipshio – Goodbye or Stay in peace.
Daedonhee Kamsahapnida – Thank you very much.
Chunman Haeyo – Your welcome or I’ll do a thousand things a million times for you.
Il Kwon Pil Sal Il Chim Pil Seng – Must kill with one movement and must heal with one needle.
Jung Shin Il Do Ha Sa Pul Saeng – With one mind, nothing is impossible.