Specialty Programs

Here at the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy we also offer some specialty programs. We have an accelerated training program for those individuals who wish to become teachers, we do various demonstrations and special instructional programs for schools, churches and community centers, and we also arrange special corporate programs for those companies looking to improve health, awareness, stress reduction, and self-defense.

If you are interested in setting up a Hwa Rang Do workshop, seminar, or demonstration with us please just contact Instructor Sirny to discuss the various needs and goals of your group and we will be sure to tailor a program to exceed your expectations. Our instructors have taught in many different environments from all levels of schools to law enforcement departments and the comprehensive nature of Hwa Rang Do allows us to pick effective topics for any group no matter the age or goal.

“Taejunsa” means ultimate warrior, and the goal of this program is to create the ultimate Hwa Rang Do practitioner! This is a group of individuals who want to make a commitment to becoming a Hwarang Warrior in the fullest sense. Along with intensive and detailed martial art training, participants will be responsible for teaching Hwa Rang Do® to the next generation.

Students in the Taejunsa program will learn all details of all the aspects of Hwa Rang Do in an accelerated training environment. The training is as detailed as it is intense, and all members are required to become instructors in some capacity. Actually, those people who make it through our program will have a guaranteed job waiting for them with our organization upon completion!

In these uncertain and transitional times, there are not many opportunities waiting that are as ripe and promising as with Hwa Rang Do. Our school has expanded significantly, we have been approached by countless educational schools and organizations to implement our program at their facility, and we have significant possibilities in regards to opening other locations. However, our ONLY problem is having enough qualified instructors to help lead and teach properly – so we NEED YOU to fill the gap, and begin the journey of a lifetime!

Those who are interested in this program should setup an interview with Instructor Sirny to discuss the details and commitments required to participate. Please visit the website here dedicated to the TAEJUNSA Program.

Corporate Programs
As mentioned above our Academy is very active with many companies who are looking to improve moral and health among their employees. Self-defense and awareness workshops are obviously some of the common programs we deal with, but stress reduction and general health components also greatly help the corporate environment in positive ways. Programs range from one time workshops to regular seminar sessions. We can come to you or open our school to private sessions with your group. Again depending on the goals and desires you have we will be sure to find the best way to accommodate your needs. Just contact us for further info.

Self-Defense & Law Enforcement Programs
Along with more “business” like companies our Academy also works with schools, law enforcement, and other government agencies looking for effective self-defense and opponent controlling techniques. As Hwa Rang Do techniques are based upon the natural strengths and weakness of the physical body, our art is quite effective for those individuals who wish to deal with opponents in the quickest manner possible. Not only striking techniques can be covered, but proper joint manipulation and submission tactics are the key methods in dealing with opponents that are physically stronger than you. Our concepts and techniques have demonstrated this time and time again. Especially for law enforcement and military personnel these kinds of techniques can be life saving. Again depending on your specific needs we will find a way to meet them. Dealing with a women’s self-defense environment or military like needs, Hwa Rang Do is sure to give you the skills needed to deal with any kind of situation decisively.

We also hold FREE monthly Self-Defense Workshops at our school. All are welcome and to learn more, JUST CLICK HERE.

Community Outreach
Positively benefiting society on a larger level is also one of the primary goals of Hwa Rang Do and our Academy. We believe this can be done one person at a time and the instruction inside and outside of our school moves individuals toward a direction of self-determination and empowerment. From time to time we will hold special workshops open to the public as well as go to various organizations to teach. The environment we bring with us positively asserts the discipline and skills necessary for effective personal development. Depending on the individual/group needs Hwa Rang Do is an excellent way to provide a vehicle for further positive action. Schools, after-school programs, church groups, community centers, and other organizations can benefit from short to long term seminars or workshops with our Academy. Just contact us to discuss the various desires and goals of your group, and we will be glad to see how we can fit with your organizations vision.