Grappling – “Gotoogi”

What is Go Too Gi?
Hwa Rang Do Grappling and Submission FightingHwa Rang Do® is a complete martial arts system, which has evolved for the last 1800 years to arrive at the most effective means of self-defense and maximizing human potentials, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Grappling techniques are one aspect of Hwa Rang Do, which will be covered during this class. We invite you to take this opportunity to start on the right path toward greater health as well as learning to become a well balanced martial artist. Remember there is only one reason to do something, but a thousand excuses not to. Here is another chance for you to try one of the greatest empowering experiences you’ll ever have.

Definition of Go Too Gi:

Go Too Gi - Submission Fighting·  Go – Solid, Immobile: Creating a situation where there are no options, rendering the opponent helpless, forcing a surrender

·  Too – Fighting: Facing up to an opponent with relentless determination and without fear

·  Gi – Skill: Knowledge is power, Knowing allows for freedom with great options, Not knowing you have lost without even starting

Click below to check out Grandmaster Taejoon Lee
Demonstrating a variety of Go Too Gi Submissions:

Why should I do Go Too Gi?
One must learn all stages of fighting: Stage One – Standing up with distance, Stage Two – Standing up in close, Stage Three – On the ground.
·  Learn to control and submit an opponent
·  Learn to defend from disadvantaged positions
·  Especially good for women, learning to escape and defend from prone positions
·  Great for stamina and agility
·  Learn proper falling techniques to avoid injury when thrown and/or taken to the ground
·  It is a challenging workout
·  More, More, More FUN!

Hwa Rang Do Grappling and Submission FightingSubjects Covered:
Hip throws
Shoulder Throws
Leg Pickups
Nakbop – falling
Positioning & gaining leverage on the ground
Escapes and Reversals
Chokes & Neck Manipulation
Arm Locks & Shoulder Locks
Leg/Ankle Locks

Other Information:
You will need: Official World Hwa Rang Do Association approved uniform – The uniform is designed specifically for grappling made from heavy duty cotton with double stitching and padding on the shoulders and knees, must wear groin cup, special women’s chest guard (optional), ear guards (optional), knee pads (optional).

The grappling techniques within Hwa Rang Do are taught during the Warrior’s Path segment of the Tae Soo Do classes and also during Hwa Rang Do classes. These time slots are on our Wednesday and Thursday nights. Just check out the schedule, and make sure to wear your Go Too Gi uniform on these days. See you in class!

Some Highlights of HRD Grappling Matches Below – Beg to Adv Levels