Tae Soo Do

“Way of the Warrior Spirit”

Tae Soo Do Martial Art


Tae Soo Do was developed for the beginner martial artist, both children and adults. It is our Undergraduate Program, and is the prerequisite to the Graduate level of the Hwa Rang Do Program. Tae Soo Do focuses on the fundamentals, basic concepts, and mechanics underlying the physical realm of training, while also developing a greater understanding of the philosophies inherent in the practice of a martial art.

While it is somewhat considered the sport version of Hwa Rang Do, the Tae Soo Do program is a fantastic form of recreation for betterment of mind and body as one begins the martial art journey.

Martial Skills

As the Tae Soo Do program is geared toward developing a foundation of Hwa Rang Do principles, the undergraduate student will still learn both hard/linear and soft/circular skills. The curriculum of the Tae Soo Do program includes:
·  Linear and Circular Kicking
·  Linear and Circular Blocks and Hand Strikes
·  Combinations: Kick-Boxing
·  Practical Self-defense Techniques
·  Basic Joint Manipulation
·  Basic Take Downs and Throws
·  Basic Ground Fighting and Choking
·  Weaponry: Ssangjyelbong, Jangbong, Janggum (Nunchuck, Long Staff, Sword)
·  Beginner to Advanced Forms: Weapon and Open Hand
·  Sparring: Light to Medium Contact
·  Basic Acrobatics and Falling Techniques
·  Stretching and Agility Drills

Rank Progression

We compare the rank progression of Hwa Rang Do and Tae Soo Do to that of the educational system. First an individual must learn the general fundamentals of a variety of topics – such as going through elementary, junior high, and high schools. Then with that basis the individual can then progress to more advanced and detailed levels of study – such as college, graduate studies, and doctorial studies.

The average person takes about 3 years or so to achieve the rank of Black Belt in Tae Soo Do. After this Tae Soo Do graduation, the student enters the Hwa Rang Do program as a Yellow Sash. Below you can see the Stages of Growth that the student will go through as he or she progresses through the curriculum of the arts.

Taesoodo Belt Rank Progression