Benefits of Training

Martial art training is a journey that will create many benefits for you. Self-Defense and being in a great physical shape are two obvious aspects, but as you progress you will find that the strength you gain from training positively affects the many other activities you are involved in outside the dojang (school). The characters of the martial arts of Hwa Rang Do and its undergraduate program Tae Soo Do are truly unique, and no matter your age or previous level of experience, as a student, some of the many benefits you will gain are:

Greater Focus | More Energy | Healthier Lifestyle
Self-Confidence | Self-Defense | Self-Determination
Strength | Flexibility | Endurance | Balance | Stamina
and of course. . . the Camaraderie of Friends!

Children Learn:

  • Self-discipline and the mental focus to carry out tasks to completion
  • To say “NO” when they feel something is not right,
  • To standup against “bullies” and defend themselves if need be
  • To control their bodies and gain greater physical coordination, balance and speed.
  • To be responsible and develop self-control
  • To show respect to parents, teachers, and elders
  • To listen and follow directions
  • To face challenges, have success, and gain real confidence in themselves
  • And most importantly our children have fun and make new friends!

For Adults:

  • Learn to Defend Yourself: The martial arts and Hwa Rang Do in particular is unlike other hobbies or sports in that you can learn valuable skills that can save your life someday.
  • Get in Shape: Escape the monotony of repetitive exercise and learn something new everyday as you get in the best shape of your life.
  • Enhance Self Esteem & Confidence : Gain better understanding and control of your self physically, mentally, and emotionally. Embrace the “I can” attitude in your everyday life.
  • Self-Discipline: Gain more control of your life by learning to become mentally focused and responsible.
  • Stress Management: Revitalize your body and recharge your spirits as the physical, breathing and visualization techniques of Hwa Rang Do provide an outlet for mental and emotional tension.

The skills practiced in the martial arts taught at our school provide a solid vehicle for one’s personal development on many levels. Integrating and finding balance between the mental and physical sides of our life is very important no matter what situation you may find yourself in, and the training you receive here is sure to help you come closer to a good healthy state of balance.