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2022 Fall Afterschool Is Coming Soon!
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Hello everyone,We are now at the mid point of August and summer is closing out soon, and that means that the next school year and Fall Afterschool is right around the corner! If you haven’t registered yet, we do need everyone to sign up at the website to reserve their days per week. Each semester does require an online registration at our school for the Afterschool Program to confirm days per week and select tuition options.

We are happy to announce that we will be adding the Richfield STEM & Dual Language schools to our afternoon neighborhood pickups this year, so please spread the word to any families looking for an alternative to the public afterschool options. We strive to provide an exceptional experience for the kids, and the boost they receive through our martial art training is not only a health benefit but also helps grow real confidence & strength!

Our educational school transportation list can be found by clicking here =

Reminder, the Afterschool program is for anyone Kindergarten through 8th grade so get signed up now @

Our TLK Summer Camps have been awesome this year, but it’s not too late to get signed up for the last camp session of this summer. The last one is coming up next week!

Camp 6: Ninja Warrior = August 22-26
Warrior Spirit/Obstacles & Fight Scene Choreography Theme

Check out for more information, and get signed up at

We look forward to seeing everyone back in the next school year for consistent training and growth!

Important Dates Through Summer

Hello all,

As we enter the last month of winter (hopefully) and move into the spring months, I want to send you all a list of our calendar events from now through the end of summer, so you know what to expect and can be sure to mark your calendars for a couple of important dates. Please save this email for future reference of dates and event descriptions!

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Winter Release Days Coming Soon Feb 21 & 22 & Summer Camp Earlybird Special Ends In 1 Week!

Hello everyone,

We have gotten a few more questions about the upcoming school release days, and yes, we still have space available!  Just email back to Kristina and she can add your child(ren) to the list.  Along with the fun activities & training, we can also try and add a ping pong tournament on the new table too!

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Hwa Rang Do SUMMER CAMPS 2021!

Information Online & Registration is Open!

Summer Camp Info is Now Live!

Forget about the Polar Vortex everyone, it is time to plan your summer schedule and all the cool things the kids can do!  We look forward to putting all the screens away and get back into the real world this year. We have once again organized some amazing camp sessions that will be filled with fun, insight, and quality martial art training too.  Also, because of all the dedicated & specialized training time, the kids are sure to improve in their martial art skills considerably as they get in-depth details on the focus topic of each session.

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