Our school has a student body that is filled with young children through older adults. Our classes are divided to fit the needs of the many types of individuals and ability levels throughout the whole journey of martial art training. Everyone can find benefits in very real and specific ways per their needs and goals. Our staff works hard to assist the growth of all students in their own progression on strengthening their mind and body. Below are just a few testimonials from members of our school:

  • I have been a physical education, health education, and fitness instructor for over 20 years. I searched carefully for a martial art school for my children three years ago and chose Hwa Rang Do / Tae Soo Do. This program has been instrumental in developing confidence, responsibility and self-respect in both my son and daughter. Their growth in physical strength, flexibility, and endurance has improved their performance in other sports as well. I have also seen positive changes in their attitude and behavior at home and at school. Thank you Instructor Sirny and the Tae Soo Do program for making such a difference in the lives of my children. ~ Brenda C. mother of Katie age 11 and Seth age 8 both Tae Soo Do Red Belts

  • The reason I love Tae Soo Do and Hwa Rang Do is because it’s a really awesome way to meet new friends! It helps me be a leader when needed and a follower when wanted. Yeah sure sometimes it’s hard, but that just makes the feeling more intense when you get the move down. I always know where to turn if I need to talk about something because everyone is like a great big family here. Hwa Rang Do helped me to become a strong and driven person both mentally and physically and that’s the reason I love Hwa Rang Do! ~ Kayla A. Age 12, Tae Soo Do Black Belt, Hwa Rang Do Green Sash

  • I began studying Tae Soo Do in January 2002 after my wife and I decided that we needed a hobby to keep us motivated and active on a regular basis. We found that and more. We now train in Hwa Rang Do, having completed the TSD program and seeing how good it was for us, both physically as well as emotionally. Our relationship is far stronger having trained together for so long, and supported each other through training as well as life. Everyone should have the opportunity to put such trust in your partner as to have them perform complicated martial arts techniques on you! In addition, I’ve also had the honor to assist in some of the instruction. Working with the kids classes, especially, I really appreciate the value of the classes, not just for the skills, but for the opportunity to learn patience and the raw honesty required to work with children. I certainly can see the impact the training has on the kids; I hope the kids can also see the impact the training has had on me. Hwa Rang Do is part of my life now; it will be part of my family’s life in the future, as long as I am physically capable of training. ~ Douglas C. Age 32, Tae Soo Do Black Belt, Hwa Rang Do Blue Sash

  • I have trained in Tae Soo Do and now Hwa Rang Do for over 3 years now. Since joining, my life has taken some serious ups and downs, but my training has helped keep me strong. Hwa Rang Do has taught me that life is a journey, not a destination, and through my training I have significantly improved myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have discovered that training in Hwa Rang Do is a very worthy life journey, and I plan on continuing until a very old age. ~Alina C. Age 29, Tae Soo Do Black Belt, Hwa Rang Do Blue Sash

  • I have been training at the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis school for 4 years now. Prior to that I had no Martial Arts training. I have always tried to stay fit but found working out and jogging to be mundane and unfulfilling. Luckily I chose Hwa Rang Do and couldn’t be happier! I am now more agile, balanced, fit and motivated than I have ever been in my life. I have learned to be humble yet confident, dedicated yet patient in all aspects of my life. I find it amazing how much I’ve realized of myself not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. I can also honestly say that the multi-tiered program and amazing instruction are the biggest factors in my continued training. On top of that, there’s always something to look forward to when I step into the Dojang, and that is why I train in Hwa Rang Do. ~ Jeremy D. Age 26, Tae Soo Do Black Belt, Hwa Rang Do Purple Sash

  • I always had an interest in martial arts and the culture of East Asia and I wanted to find something that focused on more than just kicks and punches. Hwa Rang Do had everything I was looking for. I’m not just learning how to defend myself, but also about the true spirit of martial arts and healing as well as the discipline it takes to pursue and achieve whatever endeavors I undertake. In the two-and-a-half years I’ve been in the program, I’ve made a lot of great friends and Sabumnim Sirny has been a truly amazing teacher. Hwa Rang Do has become one of the most important aspects of my life and who I am as a person.” ~Philip JM.,Age 16, Tae Soo Do Black Belt, Hwa Rang Do Green Sash

  • Attending the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis academy has been one of the best experiences in my life! Personally, I wanted to find a comprehensive martial art where I would learn about all facets of self defense, weapons, grappling, joint locks, submission holds and other techniques that didn’t know existed. I wanted to learn from an Instructor who was exceptional in their knowledge and passionate about teaching. I wanted to meet friends and develop the camaraderie that only comes from training with individuals who share the same (or at least similar) goals. Most of all, I wanted to study an art that can be incorporated into my fitness goals, culture and lifestyle. I have found all of this and more training for 3+ years at the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy. I would highly recommend this academy to anyone seeking martial arts training!~ Nathan A. Age 30, Tae Soo Do Black Belt, Hwa Rang Do Yellow Sash

  • I feel like Tae Soo Do has affected me in a big way. First of all, in the past I had a hard time when my friends were goofing off and things would usually get carried away and I would end up getting in trouble. I think Tae Soo Do has helped me get better at controlling myself. I also think I used to be more shy, before I started doing martial arts. Now I feel more outgoing. Tae Soo Do makes me feel good about myself and I have a good time and I think I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t do it. ~ Max FR. Age 9, Tae Soo Do Brown Belt

  • Toma (student): I like Tae Soo Do because it helps me focus. It develops my muscles and makes me strong. I have a lot of fun trying my hardest and making new friends. I learn from my mistakes so that I can do better on my tests. I couldn’t have done it without Instructor Sirny!
    Sarah & Sean (parents): Our son always wanted to do martial arts and we were hesitant to encourage him to learn fighting techniques. Then we happened to find Tae Soo Do. It is a great place for kids to experience the pride of working hard. He has learned self-defense and the use of weapons, but he also meditates, assists others in class, and is held to high standards of behavior. It is great to watch how much pride he takes in working hard and accomplishing new skills on his own. At Tae Soo Do, it is not simply about the physical skills they learn, but also the mental development that takes place while they journey through the martial arts. This is truly a unique and special place! We are glad to be part of this community. ~ Toma is Age 9, Tae Soo Do Black Belt

  • I am writing from Stuttgart, Germany to let you know what a great organization the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy is. Early last spring, my son and I began Tae Soo Do classes at the Minneapolis Hwa Rang Do Academy. I had been looking for a place where my son could learn a physical discipline in a safe environment, and where I could get a decent work out. I had looked into several studios in the South West Metro, and always saw an impressive array of trophies and lots of exciting advertising. After visiting the Hwa Rang Do Dojang on Nicollet Ave, observing a class and talking with Instructor Sirny, we were impressed and decided to try a month of classes. Seven months of classes later, my husband changed jobs and we moved to Germany.
    In Germany I spent months looking for Dojang locations: Hwa Rang Do and Tae Soo Do are hundreds of kilometers from our town, and other martial arts start children at age 7 at the earliest, most at age 10. My son started a trial of beginning Judo a month ago, and, while he enjoys some of the games, there are no children of his age/height for grappling and throws, and the structure was not developed for younger children. The older kids seem to learn and enjoy their classes, but the classes are not as well organized as was my son’s Tae Soo Do Little Tigers class.
    I have begun Tae Kwon Do classes, and find it to be a good work out, however there is much to miss at Hwa Rang Do. The students are not very disciplined, and it can be hard to see demonstrations – no one in front takes a knee so students in back can see. There are no weapons and no grappling. No targets, no heavy bag and no wave bag. No stage, no sound system, no mirrors. No matted floors. No waiting area/lounge. No magazines, no artwork, No chance to buy uniforms or supplies. No air-conditioning. Board-breaking is done with re-usable plastic break-away boards. Not nearly the experience of the “dojang” I miss. The class may be less expensive than the membership at Hwa Rang Do, but clearly you get what you pay for!
    We expect to move back to Minneapolis within the next year, and we very much look forward to re-joining the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy. From the facilities to the staff and the basic philosophy, you are blessed with a wonderful opportunity. ~ Kathryn LJ. Orange Belt w/tip Adult Class & Niels Age 5, White Belt Little Tiger Class

  • The training at the Hwa Rang Do school has provided an understanding of discipline and self control for my enthusiastic and excitable 5 year old boy! The training has giving Callan an immense sense of self worth and encouraged his developing understanding of physical, mental and spiritual health. Callan has great respect for his instructor and hopes to one day he will teach his own group of Little Tigers. This training has given me, as a parent, a tool for guiding my child (and my 3 yr old son also). “Behaving as a Little Tiger” and “what would Instructor Sirny say” are big motivators in our home. I feel very lucky to have found this martial arts program for my boys and plan to continue as a way to develop my child’s sense of community (local, national, and international), confidence and health. ~ Paula L. Parent, Callan is an Orange Belt Little Tiger
  • I had been looking for years for the right opportunity to try martial arts training as part of managing back and leg injuries. Tae Soo do training has really helped improve movement, balance, and flexibility ultimately reducing chronic pain and eliminated the tendency for re-injury. The class environment is friendly, supportive, and convenient. ~ Todd B. Yellow Belt

  • I am no spring chicken, Tae Soo Do has forced me to stretch and increase my flexibility (main reason for participation), which will help prevent injuries in other activities and everyday life. I have already noticed that my back flexibility has increased, I am less stiff after certain activities. ~ Tom G. Tae Soo Do Yellow Belt
  • Training with the Seagate Tae Soo Do club has been a unique and valuable experience because it challenges and rewards both physically and mentally. Physically it provides an excellent strength, cardio, and flexibility workout. Mentally, it challenges by pushing you out of your “comfort zone”
    – which is the best way to grow. ~ Dan F. Tae Soo Do Green Belt

  • Beside the benefits of getting in shape and the learning of self-defense techniques, it boosted my self-confidence by conquering the fear of being in a crowded situation either performing or interacting with others. ~ Aly B. Tae Soo Do Yellow Belt

  • I joined Tae Soo Do because I have always been interested in the concept of martial arts. This club was just too convenient to pass up! After joining I found both a physical and mental workout and greatly enjoyed it. For all of you who are looking for a great workout activity (perhaps you could stand to lose a few pounds – just like me!) and hate, for example, running/jogging, this may be something you should try. I have never sweat so much in my life at some of the workouts here. ~ Pamela M. Tae Soo Do Yellow Belt
  • Definitely one of the best Wellness programs offered through the Seagate Fitness Center. Kudos to the instructors for providing a fun and stimulating environment during which we truly work out the body and the mind! ~ Rajiv D. Tae Soo Do Yellow Belt

  • I have been attending the MPLS Hwa Rang Do Academy for almost a year. When I moved to Minneapolis I was looking for a dojang that incorperated all the aspects of martial arts; sparring(kick-punch fighting), grappling(ground fighting), weapons, and forms. I found this in Hwa Rang Do, but I also found something else. I found a sense of self-confidence I never had. Not only is it a martial art form, but it is also a family, a community. Everyone from the instructors to your fellow classmates provide support and you find yourself making lifetime friends. I have been pushed physically and mentally, and come out a better person because of it. There are always new challenges and things to learn, and I find Hwa Rang Do pushing me every step of the way. ~ Kelsey E. Tae Soo Do Yellow Belt

  • I began my training over a year ago. Prior to joining the school, my only martial art experience came from the kickboxing class at the local gym. I had just moved to the cities and was looking for a new way to meet people and a form of exercise that would not bore me after a week. After weeks of driving pass the school, I worked up the courage to try it out. One thing that intrigued me about Hwa Rang Do, compared to other styles, was its holistic approach. Hwa Rang Do has strengthened and challenged me both mentally and physically. I love the balance between the killer workouts and meditation sessions. The meditative sessions have allowed me to be more focused and patient in all of my tasks while the training itself is varied and comprehensive. We do everything from punch-kick fighting to grappling and sparring. My favorites are the long and staff forms. I love the intricate details of the movements.
    New experiences are always a little unnerving, but being one of a few females in a predominantly male sport was flat out frightening. As a woman, I learn and approach problems differently then the men in my classes. Fortunately, here at the school, there are a large number of women training and the level of solidarity and support among the Hwa Rang Do/Tae Soo Do women is unmatched. Encouragement does not end with the women, there is a true sense of family from the entire dojang. Over the last year I have been pushed to enhance myself as an athlete and as an individual. With the help of my instructors and fellow classmates, I have exceeded my own expectations and I am excited to see what I may accomplish next. You cannot fail, this family will not let you. ~ Mangan G. Tae Soo Do Black Belt, Hwa Rang Do Green Sash