Welcome to the Minneapolis, MN branch of the World Hwa Rang Do Association. Our school has grown in tremendous ways over the past decade, and we have expanded our training facility to over 8,000 sq/ft with 3 training areas, plus added a number of new and dynamic programs.

We now offer a unique martial art & leadership afterschool and summer camp program, a “Heath & Wellness” program with Yoga, Kickboxing, Kettlebells, & Dance fitness options, along with additional traditional martial art classes, more weapon fighting, more kids classes, and more incredible training!

Another important note is that along with all of our martial art training options, the TLK branch of our Minneapolis dojang as well as the World Hwa Rang Do Association as a whole, have recently transitioned our tax status to a 501(c)3 Non-Profit so that we can be more dedicated to community out-reach and humanitarian development through the vehicle of our martial art training. There will be a A LOT more news and action on this front coming!

Otherwise, as a student of this martial art you will develop strength and learn to strive at developing your maximum potential. Here at our school all ages of children and adults experience many positive benefits gained through the growth the training and programming offered in our system. Please enjoy your time at our site, and we hope you learn a lot about our unique Academy of martial arts.

Our Martial Art & Leadership Afterschool Program is back in session, however it’s Official the TLK and we are at 100% Capacity! Huge thanks to all of the kids and families that are enrolled and have filled up the mats and 2nd floor. We have been having a great year so far, and everyday is packed with action. For any prospective students out there, please contact our staff to get on the wait list. Otherwise, there are openings in our regular martial art classes as well as the 4 sessions of summer camp.  We knew that our Afterschool & Camp program was special when we got it rollin’ a few years ago, however, connecting with so many wonderful families and kids to build an incredible experience has broadened EVERYONE’s horizons! Our martial art training, leadership development, plus amazing activities are un-matched, and seeing the kids take off with strength, confidence, & excitement is a blast! Learn more at www.tlkafterschool.com

Let’s Go Camping! from Tomorrow’s Leading Knights on Vimeo.

Accelerated Instructor Program Has Launched
Yes, its official, we have officially launched our accelerated instructor program, and are ready to accept applications for this incredible opportunity. Not only will participants learn all aspects of the Hwa Rang Do martial art, but you will be groomed to become a leader and teacher of this system with guaranteed job placement upon successful completion. Please visit the website located here dedicated to the TAEJUNSA Program for more information.

Kid’s Foam Weapon Fighting Class
Our Saturday Kid’s Class is taking an evolution to Weapon Fighting with high quality Foam weapons. With the addition of this class, the Little Tigers & Juniors can now participate in a truly complete martial art curriculum! Class times are from 10:00am to 10:45am every Saturday and all ages and ranks of students are welcome for this exciting class. To learn more – JUST CLICK RIGHT HERE FOR THE DETAILS!

See Hwa Rang Do in Action!
If you want to see more videos to get a feel for what we do, check out the rest of the site and make sure to sign up for our 10-Day Bootcamp with the link in the upper right column, it has a lot of content and material.