Winter Break

Please enjoy your time over the next couple weeks with your families.  There is so much going on in all of our lives all year round, and even lots to do over the holidays coming and going everywhere.  However, I hope that we all can soak in our time with those close to us.  Time will fly by that’s for sure, so let’s build some moments and connections that are valuable.

Winter Break Schedule

As a reminder there will be no classes starting tomorrow (Saturday) through Sunday January 3rd.  However, the dojang will be open for some staff projects & administration – plus there is open  mat time for anyone who is looking to get in some workouts and sweat a little.  So, for the next 2 weeks, the Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays open hours will be from Noon to 8pm, and then all closed up on the other days of the weeks.  Monday January 4th everything will be all back to normal full schedule!

TLK Afterschool Spring Renewal

I know most of you got things all set to go for spring, however, if you haven’t already please take care of renewing spring registration.  We need to confirm our spaces, and of course want to ensure that all existing people keep their spaces in the program as we are still close to our full capacity #s.  This can be taken care of with Bryce, and if you need to email with him, just use as a contact point or swing into the dojang during hours mentioned above.

Thank you all once again for a wonderful year!  I feel very fortunate that we have such a great community of people participating in Hwa Rang Do, and it is exciting seeing so much vibrant strength and energy from all of you.

Enjoy the break from the outside world, and soak in the internal!  Balance back and forth for peace and harmony.

With love and respect,

Instructor Dylan Sirny
& The Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Academy

December Test Weekend, BB Graduation, Holiday Party, & All School Demo

Busy time of year for everyone, but don’t miss out on all the action at the dojang this weekend!  A lot on the way so break down is as follows:

December Testing:
Friday = Kid’s Test 4:30-5:45pm
Saturday = Adult’s Test 10:45am
Kids & Adults, Sparring, Grappling, Belt Ceremony 11:30am-12:30pm
*Please get your test forms in!

Tae Soo Do Black Belt Graduation Ceremony
Immediately after the regular promotional examination ceremony there will be a special TSD Black Belt Graduation and demonstration for Nick, Stephanie, Logan, and Owen.  They have been working very hard the past few years, and now ready to become true Hwarang and move onto their sashes!

Holiday Party & Demonstration
We will be putting on an ALL school demonstration for ALL ages and ranks of students.  Everyone from the Little Tigers, Juniors, TLK Afterschool Kids, Adults, and Instructors will show off a variety of moves. Feel free to bring your family and friends for all the festivities – show them what you have been learning!  Please come a little early to get your parking place, drop off the food, get in some warm-ups and bet ready for the demonstration as we will start the show promptly at 5:00pm. (Doors open at 4:30pm)

Pot-Luck Dinner will take place immediately after the demonstration.  Please bring a dish to share, and check out the sign-up sheets on the counter at either 1st or 2nd floor for adding your name to the menu selection!

Party will go late, but feel free to stay as long as you can.  I know there are other events this time of year – so have fun here and there!

Winter Break
As a reminder we will be having a normal schedule the week of December 14-18, however our annual winter vacation will be taking place Dec 19 to Jan 3.  There will be open workout time available afternoon & evening on the Mondays through Wednesday, but otherwise, no official classes during the 2 weeks.  All else returns as normal starting January 4th

See you on the mats!


The Dojang will be open tomorrow morning for all who wish to join as a group for a moment of silence, meditation, and prayer for global peace & harmony. If you are unable to attend here, we hope that you will be able to take a moment of your own – for 11 minutes, on the 11th minute, on the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month.

This moment, will continue on as an annual HwaRangDo holiday, as we recognize the anniversary of the strategic summit that developed our vision statement, as well as to shine some light and peace into our chaotic and unstable times. As we calm ourselves, many possibilities open!

Please visit for further information, as well as share the moment

Register For Afterschool Program NOW!!!

Summer’s end is fast approaching, so that means school time is right here!  This also means that if you are looking at afterschool time options for the kids, you better hurry if you want to get in on the amazing action offered here with us!!!  That’s right, not only do we do incredible martial art training everyday, but we also make the most of the afterschool time frame with insightful and productive lessons.  While MPLS kids and so many other places only play games, we have fun with training + leadership development, life lessons, community service, and some crafts & science based activities.  The kids can also get in some homework time too, plus a decent mix of freetime, so the afternoon is filled with quality here at our facility.

We have also restructured our facility over the summer to allow for additional enrollments (reached capacity last year), so if you want to catch one of the last remaining spots, please make sure to come on in for a tour ASAP and get registered!  Even though we have added space & staff, the additional spaces will get filled up and our wait list will return again.

Learn more @


Summer Camp Info For 2015 Posted

kick-Will3Hello Dojang,

We have been planning away over here and now have all of the Summer Camp Information squared away and all lined up!  There will definitely be another action packed set of weeks here.  As most of you know our camps are modeled after our afterschool program, and the emphasis of Martial Art Training + Leadership Development + FUN is our way of having a good time.

Each week of camp is unique in terms of the “Theme” as well as the martial art training offered!  We also have some pretty cool field trips lined up this year too, so we hope that the Kids will be ready for all of the action!

–June 8th to 12th – Summer Camp 1 – Train Like An Animal & Grappling
June 22nd to 26th – Summer Camp 2 – HRD Goes To Hollywood & Striking/Sparring
July 13th to 17th – Summer Camp 3 – Martial Arts Marathon & Self-Defense/Agility
August 10th to 14th – Summer Camp 4 – Kings, Queens, Knights, & Castles – Weaponry

Go Online For All of The Details!!!

– Structured Programming is from 9am to 5pm (doors open for drop-off at 8:30, doors close for last pickup 6pm)
– Lunch & snacks provided
– Field Trip Price included in camp fee
– HUGE Discounts Available for early birds & multiple session participants

Current Students, New Students, and General Public are ALL Welcome! Remember, camp sizes are limited to 45 kids per session though, so make sure to get in your registrations ASAP to reserve your space!

Dojang Open Wednesday 1/7

Cold days are here, but dojang still open for people to warm up & sweat!

I know that some schools are closing up tomorrow, and some schools still haven’t decided – HOWEVER, we will be open for normal hours and programming.  It will obviously be cold out so make sure to bundle up if you do decide to head out, and if you stay home we understand as well.  Choose what you want, and we happy to be here!

Some details:

-TLK Afterschool is open for regular hours 2-6pm.  For all of the TLK families, if you want to drop off your child to participate in some afternoon training and some other fun and games you are welcome.  For the non-Wednesday kids, you are also welcome to come as well – ALL TLK kids welcome as long as you are currently enrolled in TLK program. If participating please make sure to arrive by 2:30pm as we will be getting into the projects and training then.

-For other dojang kids/families looking for something to do, if you want to jump into this “open” TLK Afterschool day you are also welcome.  There will be $25 “drop-in” fee to participate.  There will be a seminar style martial art class plus some fun activities/projects/games.  Again time frame 2-6pm.  If choose to participate please show up by 2:30pm too (and yes have uniforms).

-Regular classes are on Regular schedule for the rest of the night.

Ok, if we don’t see you here – STAY WARM!

Finally Officially Approved By the IRS! TLK = 501(c)3

Dear Dojang Families,

As announced at tournament this weekend, the Tomorrow’s Leading Knights program is now an Officially Approved 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization!!!  It has taken over 2 years of work to get to this point, and very exciting to finally be official and have the letter in hand!  We have been operating as a non-profit the past 2 years, however, have had the “pending” status hang over us which has been very limiting.  However, with that out of the way, it is time to roll full steam ahead!

I have already been connecting with folks to get some of our initiatives moving.  Along with being able to evolve our operations and presence here with our home location, we do have some significant plans for the future.  There is now information posted online that shares our story and mission.  When you have a chance please jump on over to the following link for a detailed scoop on the plans:

As things develop with our Academy please stay tuned for news and materials related to the exciting impact that’s in store.  From the first seed that was planted here 14 years ago with just a handful of people training hard in Hwa Rang Do with me, we are now ready to reach out as a significant organization!  The horizon is bright, and I look forward to the continued journey together.

Also wanted to drop in a special Thank You to Stephanie Alexander.  As things have expanded here at our school, she has really been dedicated to our vision and worked tirelessly to move things forward, and administer much of the non-profit loops.  When you run into her, I hope you can share some appreciation ^^

Give to the Max!

While we didn’t have our official status to be included in Minnesota’s great online GIVE TO THE MAX DAY (yes today Nov 13), we do have online processing available for anyone who wants to give or share with others!  We are in the razoo non-profit platform right here:

Please remember, all contributions made to TLK whether online or dropped of in check format are FULLY TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!  Receipts will be provided once processed.  Thank you very much for your consideration during the end of the year push.  We look forward to making a significant impact around the region, but know it will only happen with support and partnerships from you and the community!

Best Always!

Dylan Sirny
CEO & Chief Instructor
Tomorrow’s Leading Knights
The Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy

TLK Afterschool Is Almost At Capacity!

For everyone looking for INCREDIBLE After School Programming, make sure you get signed up ASAP.  We only have a few more spaces left in our program, and do expect to reach capacity this fall.  Tuesday’s are currently full unless you want 5 Day per week option.  Wednesday & Thursday are just about full if you want 2, 3, or 4 day per week options.  Again, we are saving a couple places for those families that want 5 days per week, otherwise, slots are almost gone and we will create a wait list and other admission requirements once program is full.  If you need more information just visit = 


Testing, Classes, Tournament & Seminars!
Hello Dojang!
Summer is certainly in full swing these days! Been having fun with camps, and of course classes moving right along. I did want to drop in some reminders about July events – there is actually quite a bit of stuff upcoming.
1) This weekend is actually our last weekend regular classes! Friday Junior TGT, Acrobop, and Open Gym Fight Night Practice. Saturday Kid’s Sword Fighting, Teen/Adult Weaponry, Adults Sparring & Grappling. Hope you can make it in for some good weekend workouts!
2) The next test is coming up, next week! We would do tip tests during class on Wednesday and Thursday, and then full belt level tests on Friday and Saturday. Make sure to get your paperwork in if you are doing a full belt test.
3) The Hwa Rang Do World Championships are now ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY!!! This is definitely the biggest event in the Midwest regional history for our martial art, and we are looking for a great turnout from the entire region. I know the Madison, WI folks are extremely fired up, as I have been getting some friendly trash talk from some of the instructors. All in good nature for sure – but they are looking to bring a nice challenge to the Minneapolis contingency. I know some people still need to get registered for this incredible event – so please make sure to go online and take care of that as soon as you can. The tournament is on July 26th and 27th – and then there are seminars with our head Grandmasters during the following week. This is a super important event, that will be sure to educate and inspire everyone who participates. And at minimum, it would be great to at least make it for the tournament. Again, the tournament has events for ALL ages, ALL levels, and will be a huge highlight! (it is run similar to how we run our event each fall – just will include more people from around the region, and world!)
If you haven’t registered already just go here online to take care of it all:
4) The Minneapolis Dojang WILL BE CLOSED during the tournament and seminar events since the majority people will be there – especially all instructors. There will be summer camp on July 25th, however NO OTHER CLASSES Friday the 25th through Saturday August 2nd. Everything will be back to normal Monday August 3rd.
5) There are also some spaces left in the summer camps that were running here locally. It would be fun to see some more people join the crew, and especially if you’re heading the Madison for tournament the kids can get in a good amount of extra practice to prepare for the events. August camps have some space too, so just connect up if you want to get registered! All the info on each week session is online right:
6) We are also accepting enrollments for our Afterschool Programming too these days – and after crunching some numbers in terms of facility/staffing/kids, we are going to be putting on a cap in terms of space on the program this year. Everyone who has been enrolled in the past definitely has a space secured if you want it. Also, new siblings will get preferential treatment – however it looks like we will be able fill the place up this fall! Thanks again for your support & involvement – it is so exciting to work with a great group of kids and build strength, confidence, and health every day!
OK, that’s all for now – so best wishes in your training before an awesome championship in a couple weeks!
Instructor Dylan Sirny
& The Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Academy