2014 Event Calendar Online: Testings, Events, Camps, Etc! PLUS – New Website Design!

Hello everyone – we have pretty much most of the dates and events online now for 2014, so please check out our newly enhanced Dojang website!  The calendar feature is through Google Calendar too, so feel free to subscribe over there with your accounts and everything will connect up just fine and you can stay on top of all the happenings here!


Along with the new redesign, we have added a blog plus news section too, so you can stay tuned in to other things as well.  We will be posting the general email blasts under the school announcement sections too, so those will always be available there in case you aren’t plugged into email for some reason.

Please remember, that our schedule has only been changed once in 13 years – so feel free to plan thoroughly and ahead of time.  We also have the summer seminars and tournament dates booked from July 25 – Aug 2 – so please start thinking about those,  99% chance event is in Madison this year and we will be having some extraordinary things on the itinerary for this 25th Anniversary of Hwa Rang Do in the Midwest!

Stay warm everyone!

Instructor Dylan Sirny
& The Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Academy

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