Black Belt Heart

As students progress from beginner to the advanced stages of the martial arts an important transition must take place prior to reaching black belt. It is the transition of turning on or off one’s potential or even character depending on circumstance. When we line up to match it is easy to be focused and determined, however, when walking down the street, shopping at a grocery store, or among friends/acquaintances/strangers a different state of mind naturally is present for most people. While we do not need to carry fear or extreme intensity everywhere we go, the true Black Belt will remain a Black Belt AT HEART whether they are on the mat or off it, where the novice mind still fluctuates in personality depending on circumstance.

Tae Soo Do – “The Way of the Warrior Spirit” – is essentially this lesson of carrying one’s title, potential, and best character front and center no matter the circumstance of life.

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