Finally Officially Approved By the IRS! TLK = 501(c)3

Dear Dojang Families,

As announced at tournament this weekend, the Tomorrow’s Leading Knights program is now an Officially Approved 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization!!!  It has taken over 2 years of work to get to this point, and very exciting to finally be official and have the letter in hand!  We have been operating as a non-profit the past 2 years, however, have had the “pending” status hang over us which has been very limiting.  However, with that out of the way, it is time to roll full steam ahead!

I have already been connecting with folks to get some of our initiatives moving.  Along with being able to evolve our operations and presence here with our home location, we do have some significant plans for the future.  There is now information posted online that shares our story and mission.  When you have a chance please jump on over to the following link for a detailed scoop on the plans:

As things develop with our Academy please stay tuned for news and materials related to the exciting impact that’s in store.  From the first seed that was planted here 14 years ago with just a handful of people training hard in Hwa Rang Do with me, we are now ready to reach out as a significant organization!  The horizon is bright, and I look forward to the continued journey together.

Also wanted to drop in a special Thank You to Stephanie Alexander.  As things have expanded here at our school, she has really been dedicated to our vision and worked tirelessly to move things forward, and administer much of the non-profit loops.  When you run into her, I hope you can share some appreciation ^^

Give to the Max!

While we didn’t have our official status to be included in Minnesota’s great online GIVE TO THE MAX DAY (yes today Nov 13), we do have online processing available for anyone who wants to give or share with others!  We are in the razoo non-profit platform right here:

Please remember, all contributions made to TLK whether online or dropped of in check format are FULLY TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!  Receipts will be provided once processed.  Thank you very much for your consideration during the end of the year push.  We look forward to making a significant impact around the region, but know it will only happen with support and partnerships from you and the community!

Best Always!

Dylan Sirny
CEO & Chief Instructor
Tomorrow’s Leading Knights
The Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy

Hwa Rang Do Mom – Cho Dan Dissertation by Instructor Alina Cole

Instructor Alina Cole

The hwarang traditions stem from an ancient culture, very different from the modern world.  It is our challenge as the new hwarang to find ways to bring the spirit of the hwarang into our modern age.  In some ways this challenge seems very difficult, but I have found so many of my attempts at the application to be surprisingly simple.  One of the problems of the modern world is our tendency to complicate life – externally with material things (TVs, computers, “smart” phones, etc) and with interpersonal relationships (1,125 friends on Facebook but not a one ever met in person), and internally by ignoring ourselves and filling our lives with noise and distraction.  So, yes, there is much to do, and therefore the task of bringing the hwarang way into our lives seems difficult – but in reality, the answer is so simple.

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New Blog for the Dojang!

Alright folks, website is upgraded and we also now have an official blog for our dojang! Sure looking forward to building out some content and insightful articles. Obviously this will take a little time to get rollin’ so please stay tuned and check back regularly for some thoughts from our Chief Instructor Dylan Sirny, news & event details, articles & insights from our student community, and more!

Keep up the solid training!