Essential HRD Technique

One of the classic & essential HRD techniques – from Green Sash! Since I first learned this one, now 21 years ago, I was always impressed with its simplicity and effectiveness. Opponent grabs your lapel getting ready for an attack which incidentally brings you close to easily swing an arm around to smack & grab their carotid artery, which with an immediate pull pins their head close to you allowing for a throat grab followed by smashing takedown and choke pin! HRD at its finest!
In martial arts today, there is so much focus on sport & athleticism. Of course fitness is healthy and sport great to challenge competitive skill evolution especially for beginners, however, the roots of martial arts have always been direct combat. Psychological combat that precedes an imminent encounter and then the physical encounter itself, which we must remember does not have any rules. Once set in motion, you only have one true goal which is self-preservation and/or the protection of one’s kin. If you can de-escalate the situation psychologically you are always better off – however – when the line of aggression has been crossed (because yes, there are evil people out there), be prepared to act decisively and defend your own!!! (***of course with the minimal amount of force necessary to control the situation***)

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