Another Round On Tuesday 1/7

Another Round On Tuesday 1/7!
Release Day For Kids,
Bootcamps At Night

Well, the weather keeps coming and the schools keep closing…..Movie Get Out (2017)


Since work still is going on for most people and I am sure there are kids that are feeling cooped up we have another round of a great martial art release day camp tomorrow Tuesday January 7th.  Pretty much same scoop as today, but will be having some hot dogs for lunch.  Again, TLK, regular kids, and the public are welcome.  Dress warm on the way here, and we will stay warm with inside action!

Cost: $43 per child ($10 off)
Lunch: Hot Dogs
Time: 8:30am drop off, pick up by 6pm
Plan:  The staff will have some fun games and activities planned for the day.   Lunch and afternoon snack will be provided. There will be an AM Martial arts class and an Afternoon class too!
To register:  Please e-mail Stephanie at or talk to Rachel at pickup today – Please Do Not reply directly to this email as Stephanie does not directly get it.  Please Contact Stephanie as soon as you can!


We do understand that there are likely people staying home due to the cold weather, however, we want to keep things available for the hardcore, so a few more bootcamps coming at you.  You DON’T need armor, grappling uniforms, or weapons, but be ready for ANYTHING else! Tuesday will have different schedule than tonight since not as cold – but these are OPEN TO ALL BELT LEVELS, just come to the appropriate age groupings!

Tigers = 4:25pm – 5:10pm
Juniors = 5:10pm – 6:10pm
Adults = 6:10pm – 7:10pm


Juniors = 6-7pm
Adults = 7-8pm

Reminder: Yes it is cold out, but I am sure everyone at our school is a smart Minnesotan so bundle up and move fast!


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