2024 HRD Summer Camp Registration is Live!

Hello everyone,

Tis’ the season! Time to plan for Summer Camps!

Yes, we know it’s a little bit away, but we also know everyone is locking in the summer plans. We hope you get a good vacation in this year, but don’t forget that the kids need to stay active during the rest of the summer months and our martial art and leadership Summer Camps are an amazing option!

Each week has its own unique theme for fun activities and programming, and each week also has its own martial art training focus. While our ongoing classes always help the kids progress, the summer camp workshops are a great way to get a boost in skills. Participants will get a chance to zero in on some fundamentals, then move into some more specialized applications, and we always try and get everyone some advanced moves. It seems every week the students get a chance to level-up in significant ways, which then helps them become more of a complete martial artist!


  • Summer Camps are open to K through 8th Graders. Depending on the activities, we tend to break things up in small groups for the younger Tigers and older Juniors.
  • Structured Programming is from 9am to 5pm each day, however children are welcome to arrive between 8:30 and 9am each day for some games and fun to get warmed-up. For working parents, pick-ups are available until 5:30pm.
  • There are 2 martial art training sessions each day, there is time for the structured themed activities, and we also include some free play and down time.
  • Each week will get an Archery session down by the Minnehaha Creek.
  • Depending on weather, we also go to the neighborhood Pearl Park for some outdoor playtime as well.
  • Snacks, supplies, & a camp T-shirt provided
  • Just bring a lunch, a water bottle, and be ready for action!
  • No previous martial art experience is needed – our summer camps are open to students, friends, family, and the public!


  • EARLYBIRD REGISTRATION DISCOUNT of 10% OFF Total is available from now through February 29th
  • All Active Students in our regular class or our Afterschool program receive an additional 10% OFF at any time!
  • Otherwise, base fee is $499 per week
  • Must register online @ https://hwarangdo.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=362
  • If you are looking for more information, just visit our camp website here: https://tlksummercamp.com/

2024 Hwa Rang Do Summer Camps Dates & Sessions =

June 17 to 21 – Secret Agent Camp

Calling all secret agents and aspiring spies! We have a highly important and top-secret mission, and we need your help. We’ll start the week off by creating state-of-the-art spy gear and learning the basics of being a secret agent including how to decipher codes, training our minds and bodies, and the stories of what other real-life spies have done, as well as being briefed on the specifics of the mysterious camp mission. Then we’ll embark on the job, putting our skills to the test to solve the mystery before time runs out!

Are you stealthy? Can you use speed to move undetected and achieve your mission??? This camp will feature the fast-paced skill of sparring! Join us and make your kicks and punches lightning fast, stealthy, and undetectable. This fan-favorite camp will feature sparring concepts that range from beginner to advanced and provide ample creative drills and matching to help enhance your stand-up skill set. A great camp experience that always hits the mark!

June 24 to 28 – Time Traveler’s Guide to Around the World in 80 Days

World travelers and time travelers alike, assemble! Whether you’ve been all over the world or have never left Minnesota, ventured into the past and future or have always remained here in the present, this camp’s for you. Mixing together these two ways of traveling, this camp will take us around the world throughout many time periods. We’ll travel to ancient civilizations, times and places of our own ancestors, fascinating places around the world today, and imagined future landscapes.

Are you an artist at heart? Do you enjoy things that are both technical and beautiful? Our second camp will focus on Long Form, a technical execution of martial artistry and power, short forms, an abbreviated version of the former, and quick defensive techniques. Throughout this camp we will be developing our skill, coordination, and muscle memory to master ever increasingly difficult concepts. See you there!

July 15 to July 19 – Kingdom of the Five Elements

Come enter the kingdom of five elements: earth, metal, water, fire, and wood. We’ll be learning about these ancient elements and how they interact in creative and destructive processes to form the world, both from a scientific and mythic perspective. Experiments and stories will carry us throughout the week up to a final role-playing adventure in which all five tribes will come together to enact battles, peace treaties, and creative exchanges based on our learnings from the week.

Attention all Hwa Rang Knights! What better way to defend your kingdom than developing your sword fighting skills. This camp’s martial arts theme will focus on foam sword matching, and weapon forms. Daily practice will feature plenty of drills, matching, forms presentation, archery by the creek, and an end-of-camp foam sword tournament. Get ready for some serious fun as you sharpen your skills and defend your realm!

July 29 to Aug 2 – Magical Creatures & Tabletop Gaming Camp

Come let your imagination run wild as we create our own magical creature characters and tabletop games to play! We’ll also be building tabletop game boards and miniature board game landscapes to go along with our games. Learn the basics of game creation and play, be creative with design and rule creation, and enjoy playing and sharing your games with each other. We’ll also be doing physical activities to inspire ideas!

They came from the darkest reaches of the unknown, creatures with but one goal…TO GRAPPLE! That’s right, camp 4 will feature one of our most popular themes: grappling. There is so much to learn in the sport of grappling it would be impossible to fit it into a week-long camp. However, this session will be an intensive workshop to help beginners get in more position skills and acquire experience, while helping the more advanced students get to their next level of techniques. Get ready to roll!

Aug 12 to 16 – Fight Scene Choreography Camp

Our classic fight scene choreography camp is back again! Come learn the art of crafting a complete fight scene. Whether you’re brand new to Hwa Rang Do or are a seasoned trainer, you’re invited! Everyone will have a role in designing and acting in a small group fight scene. We’ll also be learning how to make the scenes as realistic as possible by practicing acting skills and techniques. Then at the end of the week we will open the doors to family members to attend the show at high noon!

This year’s version of our grand finale camp will focus on demo-style fight scene choreography. Somewhat different from our previous years as students will not be required to create a story and deliver lines but instead will focus on just the action! This is always a fun send-off before the school year starts again, see you there!

Register Online Now @ https://hwarangdo.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=362


If you have any questions just let us know, otherwise we look forward to another awesome year of summer camps!


The Team @ The Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy

2023 Summer Camp Info!

Hello everyone,

It’s cold and slushy, but summer plans are also brewing! The amazing Hwa Rang Do Summer Camps are locked and loaded into the calendar, so make sure you grab a spot in the 2023 Sessions!  Also, the EARLYBIRD Specials are back again!

1 – Mad Scientist Camp | June 19-23
2 – The Great Outdoors | July 10-14
3 – Game On! | July 24-28
4 – Symphony of Senses | Aug 7-11
5 – Stuntman Movie Camp | August 21-25


While summers are a nice break from the snow and most Minnesotans are soaking it in as much as possible, they can also get long, and trying to find something to do for those 3 months and keep the kids busy is hard. Also, for all of those full-time working parents, it can be a challenge finding summer care for all the younger children out there that still aren’t old enough to take care of themselves.

In order to fill this gap in the year, the Tomorrow’s Leading Knights program at the Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Academy has incredible full-day camp options right in the heart of the Twin Cities. We will be continuing the productive lessons and training that is offered throughout the school year, but expand the hours to help you fill the day with quality experience for your child. Also, because of all the dedicated training time the kids are sure to improve in their martial art practice considerably as each camp session has a unique focus topic designed to give everyone a BOOST! All kids K-8 grade welcome!!!

Camp Pricing:
Each Week = $474
Includes the full week of training & activities, 1 Camp T-shirt, snacks, & all supplies.
*Lunches are not provided
Schedule Reminder: Structured Program Time is 9am to 5pm.
Drop off is available starting at 8:30am and last pickup must occur by 5:30pm.


10% Off Your Total for any currently active students of our Regular Classes or Afterschool Program

Register by February 28th to receive 10% Off Total!

CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION: https://hwarangdo.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=315

If you have any questions just let us know. Otherwise, we look forward to another great set of camps this coming summer!

The Minneapolis Academy


Week 1: Mad Scientist Camp | June 19-23

Are you ready for some serious Tech? Do you love taking things apart and learning how they work? Are you a tinkerer or technician? Then join us for the TLK Mad Scientist Camp! This camp will be filled with tons of hands-on fun STEM experiments.

Martial Theme – Forms:  In the martial arts, forms epitomize the ideal of structure, function, and beauty, mixed with a dramatic flair for performance! Become the architect, and engineer of your own ability to move with grace, speed, and power. See you there for all the fun!

Week 2: The Great Outdoors | July 10-14

The Great Outdoors! Let’s explore the natural world around us and learn about various environments, like bodies of water, forests, gardens and more. Be prepared with your sneakers for this session as we will hit the trails throughout the week and explore the city’s green spaces.

Martial Theme -Weaponry:  Sharpen your technique and get ready for weapons camp! This camp will feature both foam-sword fighting, and weapon forms. Focus your mind, and unleash your warrior spirit, this camp will push you to your next level. A fun and competitive experience for kids of all ages.

Week 3: Game On! | July 24-28

Week 3 will be filled with games, games, and more games! A game for everyone; we will play board games, team games, mat games, NERF gun games and games out on the field. We will learn the basics of what makes a good board game, game play and game rules and your child will build their very own board game to take home!

Martial Theme – Sparring:  What would game week be without Sparring??? This camp will have plenty of drilling, calisthenics, and matching. Always a fan favorite among our student is our end of camp tournaments! You won’t want to miss this one!

Weeks 4: Symphony of the Senses | Aug 7-11

This week we’ll dive into the sensory world around us and within us. Come explore the world through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch with dynamic activities designed to enliven your child’s participation in the living world! Activities will include tactile, and sound based artistic creations, physical engagement with the natural world and much more.

Martial Theme – Grappling:  Are you ready to grapple? Put your skills to the test in the ultimate game of physical chess. The art of grappling combines all aspects of mind, body, and heart in a strategic and tactical battle for victory!  It also happens to be downright fun, and easy to learn for all skill levels, you won’t want to miss this one.

Week 5: Stuntman Movie Camp | Aug 21-25

Lights, camera, action! In this camp we will delve into the art of crafting a fight scene complete with choreography and dialogue! Your child(ren) will dive into the world of storytelling, prop creation and costume design. Everyone will have a role in designing and acting in a fight scene. Then at the end of the week we will open the doors to family members to attend the show during the lunch hour.

Martial Theme – Fight Scene!  In week 5 we will focus on the perfected execution of our staged fight scenes, combined with all dialogue and acting to create a full feature presentation come to life! This will be an intensive week of practice, and performance to cap off the summer in style.

CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION: https://hwarangdo.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=315

Hwa Rang Do SUMMER CAMPS 2021!

Information Online & Registration is Open!

Summer Camp Info is Now Live!

Forget about the Polar Vortex everyone, it is time to plan your summer schedule and all the cool things the kids can do!  We look forward to putting all the screens away and get back into the real world this year. We have once again organized some amazing camp sessions that will be filled with fun, insight, and quality martial art training too.  Also, because of all the dedicated & specialized training time, the kids are sure to improve in their martial art skills considerably as they get in-depth details on the focus topic of each session.

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Summer Camp Info For 2015 Posted

kick-Will3Hello Dojang,

We have been planning away over here and now have all of the Summer Camp Information squared away and all lined up!  There will definitely be another action packed set of weeks here.  As most of you know our camps are modeled after our afterschool program, and the emphasis of Martial Art Training + Leadership Development + FUN is our way of having a good time.

Each week of camp is unique in terms of the “Theme” as well as the martial art training offered!  We also have some pretty cool field trips lined up this year too, so we hope that the Kids will be ready for all of the action!

–June 8th to 12th – Summer Camp 1 – Train Like An Animal & Grappling
June 22nd to 26th – Summer Camp 2 – HRD Goes To Hollywood & Striking/Sparring
July 13th to 17th – Summer Camp 3 – Martial Arts Marathon & Self-Defense/Agility
August 10th to 14th – Summer Camp 4 – Kings, Queens, Knights, & Castles – Weaponry

Go Online www.TLKsummercamp.com For All of The Details!!!

– Structured Programming is from 9am to 5pm (doors open for drop-off at 8:30, doors close for last pickup 6pm)
– Lunch & snacks provided
– Field Trip Price included in camp fee
– HUGE Discounts Available for early birds & multiple session participants

Current Students, New Students, and General Public are ALL Welcome! Remember, camp sizes are limited to 45 kids per session though, so make sure to get in your registrations ASAP to reserve your space!