Fall School Release Days

Hello everyone!
Our upcoming Fall school release days are going to be packed with great training and a bunch of fun! Get signed up now – first come first served!

REGISTER ONLINE @ https://hwarangdo.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=170

Hwa Rang Boo and the Grappling-Monsters – Halloween Camp 10/20-22

Halloween is right around the corner, and we have activities for every trick or treater. Join us for 3 days of Halloween inspired activities at your favorite martial arts academy! Your child will take part in some wicked fun activities – think pumpkins, costume dance party, Halloween themed games and more. Hwa Rang Boo will be the Halloween event of the year!

Are you ready, to transform into a Monster? That’s right… A GRAPPLING MONSTER! This 3-day intensive will transform you and your skill set, from a mild-mannered kid, into a mighty mutant. This grueling, alchemical process will cover all aspects of the grappling arts, from basic positions and control, escapes, reversals, take downs and joint-lock submissions.

CAUTION: Your Child may grow extra arms, bat wings or vampire teeth, but our team of experts will make sure they return to normal before dinner time! (FREE of charge)

Get ready to work through a variety of drills and ghoulish exercises that will get those zombies up and off the couch, enhancing their strength, speed, endurance, and skill on the ground and all around. This progressive camp will have something for everyone to keep them challenged and engaged. Perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels, no experience required and no specialty equipment necessary.

Don’t wait, spacing is limited and we will be filling up fast! The last thing anyone wants is those Lil’ banshees whaling to mummy in the moonlight if they miss out on all the fun!

This Camp is sure to provide a Scary-Good Time, see you there!
STEM-day & Technical Sword-skills -11/5

Celebrate National STEM Day early at the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy! Your child will learn about STEM innovation and take part in hands on experiments. National STEM day is celebrated on November 8 and this November 5 release day is sure to inspire your student in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics!

For anyone who has come to a HRD camp, they know one of the key highlights is our all-out sword battles! But what separates a simple “brawler” from a skillful technician? Does the same wild energy hold up in a one-on-one duel? How can one focus their raw power into a precise and surgical technique?
This day long clinic will focus solely on sharpening our technical sword play through a variety of drills, games, and matching. Our aim is to develop a chess-player like mentality that is able to function in a controlled and strategic manner, one who can find the opening and strike before the match has even begun.

This camp is available for kids of all ages, no prior experience is required, if you are an existing student you will need chest gear, helmet, and face-shield. For any general public attendees, equipment will be provided.
Join us now for this exciting camp that is sure to be a cut above the rest… (And don’t worry, we have left time for an all-out sword brawl as well).

See you there for all the action!

All Full Day Sessions = Active Member $85 | Public $95

Other Details:
– Release day programming runs from 9am – 5pm (drop off available at 8:30am late pickup available until 5:30pm)
– Snacks ARE provided
– Supplies & Crafts ARE provided
– Bring Your Uniform & Belt

REGISTER ONLINE @ https://hwarangdo.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=170

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