TLK Non-Profit Prezi

At the 2013 MUSA Challenge Tournament here in Minneapolis, our dojang publicly launched our own local non-profit mission focused on youth development.  The programming offered here in terms of our regular classes, afterschool, and summer camp program is unparalleled, and we intend to strengthen our own abilities, get engaged in more community outreach, and eventually work to build a Charter/Public Educational School!

We obviously have some big goals on the horizon, however, the needs of the times we live in is pressing!  TLK is deeply committed to, “Empowering Our World, One Child At A Time!”

Please take a look at the brief presentation below for some more details.  If you wish to get engaged on these initiatives, curious for more information, or wish to contribute to our cause – simply contact us and we will be glad to connect the dots!

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