Winter Release Days Coming Soon Feb 21 & 22 & Summer Camp Earlybird Special Ends In 1 Week!

Hello everyone,

We have gotten a few more questions about the upcoming school release days, and yes, we still have space available!  Just email back to Kristina and she can add your child(ren) to the list.  Along with the fun activities & training, we can also try and add a ping pong tournament on the new table too!

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Hwa Rang Do SUMMER CAMPS 2021!

Information Online & Registration is Open!

Summer Camp Info is Now Live!

Forget about the Polar Vortex everyone, it is time to plan your summer schedule and all the cool things the kids can do!  We look forward to putting all the screens away and get back into the real world this year. We have once again organized some amazing camp sessions that will be filled with fun, insight, and quality martial art training too.  Also, because of all the dedicated & specialized training time, the kids are sure to improve in their martial art skills considerably as they get in-depth details on the focus topic of each session.

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The spots are flying fast, so anyone who is interested in our unique and exciting solutions to the distance learning conundrum should make sure to get signed up RIGHT AWAY!
Due to COVID capacity limitations, we only have so many slots available in our small group cohorts despite our large and spacious facility, and we are sure to fill up! All remaining spots available will go on a first-come-first-served basis for both programs.

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Prepping for TLK Afterschool 2020-2021

Important Announcement & Updates

Hello HRD Families!

We hope that you are doing well and everyone is staying cool and enjoying some quality summer days!
For some time now we have wanted to give some kind of update about the coming school year’s afterschool plans and open up registration. We know many of you are also eager to lock in plans, however, like you, we have also been waiting to see what the local schools and state guidelines come out with because of the COVID-19 situation. We know everyone is still having a tough time managing the situation and figuring out how to effectively deal with the multitude of issues related to COVID and the fallout of its consequences.

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Spring Break Camps

Spring Break Camps!
March 29th through April 5th
Can Do Individual or Multiple Days, but must Register by March 22nd!

Hello, we have another set of awesome Day Camps coming up for Spring Break.  As always cool activities and great martial art training.  Especially with our annual all school tournament coming up at the end of April – this is a great way to get in some extra training to boost the skills!

March 29th – Art Day

Creativity is key! At least with this camp that is! Alongside our training, we’ll be packing a day full of fun and creative arts and crafts project. If you want to explore painting, colors, and getting your hands dirty, this camp will be right up your alley! Bring your paint clothes and an open mind to explore the elements of art!

Martial Art Focus = Takedowns & Throws: We will briefly review some sweeps and basic throws from previous day camp sessions and then work on using the opponent’s legs for takedowns.  We will cover single leg takedowns/pickups as well as kick-defense takedowns for this high-flying day!

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April 1st – Hobby Day!

Hobby day will be a relaxed release day. We invite all the kids to bring their own outside interests and hobbies to share with each other. In the past the kids have brought in their favorite books. Food Frenzy activity this day, we pick a DIY snack to make with the kids!  We are leaning toward Nutella and banana sandwiches!

Martial Art Focus = Kicking: Today we will focus on some of the intermediate to advanced level kicks.  Full moon kicks, jump full moons, axe kicks, low spins, jump spins, and special combinations are open to everyone today, so be ready to have some fun!

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April 2nd – Spy vs Spy

Have a knack for solving crimes? Are you a real gumshoe detective? Then this team-game oriented camp is for you! Bring your trench coat and magnifying glass and help solve puzzles to help uncover some clues that will lead to great fun in the Dojang! Become a real life Sherlock Holmes in this fun and light hearted camp that will get you to start thinking outside of the box to solve puzzles!

Martial Art Focus = Sparring:  Sneak attacks through fakes as well as counter strikes are the topics for this special day.  With our annual tournament coming up at the end of April, this session will definitely give the kids a jump in the right direction to get a lot of points!

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April 3rd – Stuntman Camp

Do you have what it takes to be a featured stuntman? In this camp, we’ll be working on action stage performances utilizing what we learn during training and applying it to fun performances for an audience. Learn about what it takes to put on a small play production and have some fun with some action stunts! If you’re interested in drama or acting, then this camp is a great way to explore your artistic side!

Martial Art Focus = Combination & Action Sequences: Super fun action is on the table as we learn how to perform techniques and combinations with a partner just like in the movies.  We will work on attacks, blocks, and combos as well as how to add excitement through acting.  By the end of the day the kids will have choreographed an awesome action skit!

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April 4th – Geography Day

The Earth can feel big and unknown, but it doesn’t have to be! In this camp, we’ll learn about cool and interesting far away locations. We’ll learn about the unique ways people live and how their unique cultures might be different from ours. On top of our cultural journey, we’ll spend time exploring some unique landscapes that the earth has to offer. If you want to know more about the planet we live on, then this camp is for you!

Martial Art Focus = Grappling: Focus today will be on tournament tactics for grappling.  This means how to get positions for points for the Beginners and Intermediates, and how to find some quick submissions for the Advanced kids!  The Musa Challenge is April 27th, so time to get in some extra prep for the brackets!

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April 5th – Exploration – What does it mean to be an explorer?

You don’t have to go to the moon or climb mount Everest to be an explorer. In this camp, come find out what it means to be part of an expedition and how the actions of inquisitive people can be considered honorable and noble. Come along on a journey to unfamiliar places to help explore the world around us!

Martial Art Focus = Self-Defense & Bully Prevention: The 3 main topics of this subject that we will cover are 1) Prevention, 2) Verbal Resolution and De-Escalation, 3) Physical Defense.  The stronger and more effective your 1st stage is the less you need the later stages, which is why building strength and confidence are critical aspects of ongoing martial art training.  However, there are also many useful techniques one can implement to deal with unwanted encroachment, and we are committed to helping the kids learn how to take control and lead the situations they find themselves in versus being a victim.

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Can do individual or multiple days!

Must register by March 22nd so we can plan on accurate head-counts.

Highlights & Details:
• Release day programming runs from 9am – 5pm (drop off available at 8:30am, late pickup available until 6pm).
• Morning & Afternoon Snacks are provided
• Lunches are NOT provided – PLEASE PACK A BAG LUNCH FOR YOUR CHILD! (***unfortunately we are unable to provide catered lunches anymore due to large variety of dietary restrictions and scheduling conflicts with the providers)
• Supplies & Crafts ARE provided
• Bring Your Uniform & Belt if already a martial art student (we will have some to lend out for public people without, or you are welcome to purchase your own for $40)
• Simply email us to get on the registration list =
• Fees are:
Any Active Dojang Students = $55 per day
Other Friends, Family, Public = $65 per day (No martial art experience necessary!)
Can Register for Individual or Multiple Days!
*Sibling Discounts are 20% off total for 2 kids, 30% off total for 3 or more kids

See you on the mats!

Master Dylan Sirny & Entire TLK STAFF
@ The Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Academy